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Gone are the days of worrying about planning all the details for yourself – with Yombu on your side, the only thing you have to do is show up! We’ll point you in the right direction for decor, cake, inflatables, and fabulous Kids Party Venues in Jacksonville, where you can just sit back and relax into watching your child have the time of their life.

We hope that you find this guide useful and if you like it enough… Consider hiring Yombu’s amazing entertainment to make your party just a little bit extra special.

Best Kids Party Venues in Jacksonville The Escape Game | Yombu

The Escape Game

The Escape Game at St Johns is a live, 60-minute escape room experience. Your party guests will enter into an immersive set, work to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete a mission in a race against the clock!

Private experiences are available for birthday parties and provide a unique option to the regular party experience. We can highly recommend it for older age groups looking for a more action packed party experience in Jacksonville.

Play Factory and Café

This spacious venue caters to busy children and parents who want to chill with a good coffee. They have video games for older kids and a fenced-in toddler area. An imaginative play space, with refreshments available and all-inclusive party packages. Their local brew is a must-try. Packages include 100% private use of the facility, party assistants to help set up and clean up, 2 hours of party time and the option to bring your own food and drink.

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Sensory Towne

This large reasonably priced venue believes in changing the brain through play. It’s ideal for children from 6 months to 8 years old. They provide music and movement experiences, materials and discovery in areas like science and math, arts and crafts, and storytelling. Their packages include exclusive use of the gym, 2 party counselors, decor and tableware. You provide the food and drink or you can opt for pizza add-ons, as well as extended party time, characters and more.

Sweet Pete’s Candy

Have an ice cream social, a teen party, a toddler party or a themed party at Sweet Pete’s. This purveyor of all things sweet will offer gourmet candies and chocolates, ice cream and a fun-loving personality in its host and owner, Jeff. Chocolate pizza and candy canes, and even vegan treats are available, and party packages that allow you to make themed chocolate treats – with party bags, ice cream cake and lemonade, themed decor, toys and invitations. You can also order food from their in-house restaurant. Sounds yummy

Batt Family Fun Center

Birthday bowling! Book the 8-lane VIP bowling area at this family fun center, with lux seating for extra comfort. They also have 18-hole glow golf, laser tag and over 40 arcade games, and a delicious snack bar. Choose a party package that includes variations of games, cake, soda, pizza and goody bags.

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We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym

Kids be gymin’ it! This physical and educational venture was started by a mom of a special needs child with a love for developmental gymnastics and special education. The gym includes suspended equipment with swings, crash mats, zip line, trampolines, climbing structures, sensory toys and an arts and crafts area. Their party packages cater for up to 25 kids (or 15 special needs kids) with food, play passes and coaches.

Vertical Motion’s kidZone of OP

Vertical Motion’s kidZone in Orange Park, Jacksonville, offers a vibrant and engaging space perfect for kids’ parties. This dynamic venue features a variety of fun and interactive activities, including state-of-the-art play structures and creative play zones, tailored to captivate children of all ages. Its safe, colorful environment and entertaining options make it an ideal choice for memorable children’s celebrations.

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    1. Brandon

      Thanks for all the recommendations for Jacksonville! I am new to the area and was not sure where to find party shops or things of that nature. Our family is big on celebrations so I wanted to get an idea of what places I can go to for my party throwing needs. I am writing them all down to check out in the coming weeks since we are planning a fun venue for the holidays.