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Get all the best Party Guide Los Angeles resources your next party needs in our handy guide.

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Dive into our Kids Party Guide in Los Angeles and unveil the glitz and glamour of party planning in the City of Angels. Whether it's vibrant party shops, party venues, decor suppliers or exciting jumping castles, LA promises a star-studded celebration.

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    3 Great Party Shops in Los Angeles

    Step up your party game with our guide to the top Party Shops in Los Angeles. Whether you’re planning a kids’ birthday bash, a baby shower, event or any celebration, these party shops have everything you need to bring your party vision to life. Discover a treasure trove of colorful tableware, Disney-themed cups, streamers, and an array of fun party supplies at these go-to destinations.
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    You Will Love these Outdoor Party Venues in Los Angeles

    Find the very best outdoor party venues in Los Angeles with our detailed party guide. Whether you're planning a playful kid's party or a laid-back gathering, LA’s sunny climate and ample spaces provide the perfect backdrop for an outdoor event. Explore venues like the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens for a nature-filled day, Millwick for a spacious urban retreat, or the scenic La Kretz Garden Pavilion at UCLA. For the adventurous, Airballing LA brings the party to you with exciting games and activities, and Lake Balboa/Anthony C. Beilenson Park offers paddle boating and playful amenities for a day of fun.
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    Our 5 Favourite Kids Party Venues in LA

    Make it an unforgettable Birthday bash with our top kids' party venues in Los Angeles. Discover a world of indoor fun and easy party planning with locations that cater to all your party needs. Explore venues like Wild Child Gym for an active adventure, Peekaboo Play Land for a playful and imaginative setting, APEX For Kids for skill-building fun, Pamper and Play for a customized, sociable experience, and Pump It Up for grand-scale bounce houses and slides. Each venue offers unique themes, decorations, and activities, ensuring your next party is a hit.
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    Amazing Kids Party Decor Providers in LA

    Transform your event with the sophisticated and elegant selections from LJ’s Party Land, or explore Big Blue Sky Party Rentals and Supplies' extensive range of party essentials through our comprehensive kids party decor guide for Los Angeles. Immerse yourself in the chic and enchanting decor options available at Teak and Lace, offering everything from stylish backdrops and props to cozy picnic setups with rugs and pillows, ensuring your event is truly unforgettable. Ensure your child’s party is a smashing success with these top-tier Kids Party Decor suppliers, all brought to you with care and attention by Yombu
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    Our Favourite Jumping Castle Suppliers in Los Angeles

    A world of bouncy fun awaits in our comprehensive guide on Jumping Castle Rentals in Los Angeles. Jump into an extensive selection of water slides, dry slides, obstacle courses, foam pits, and the classic bouncy castles to keep the little ones entertained, whether it's for a birthday bash or a corporate event. 5 Star Jumpers promises impeccably maintained equipment, while Magic Jump Rentals brings the thrill with 22ft giant wave slip and slides, and an array of themed bouncers. All the details you need for planning, including contact information, are conveniently listed in our guide.
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    Cake Shops in Los Angeles You Will Love

    No birthday bash is complete without cake. Indulge in a journey through the most amazing cake shops in Los Angeles with our comprehensive guide, perfect for those in search of the ultimate sweet treat for any celebration. From the artistic creations of Delicious Arts and the dreamy, custom-made delights of Helena Wirth Custom Cakes to the classic, no-fuss options at Susie Cakes and the edible art of Cake and Art, you're sure to find the perfect cake to suit your party.
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    We Recommend these Balloon Decor Providers in LA

    From impressive installations to colorful bouquets. Explore our list of the best Balloon Decor services in Los Angeles. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach with a few inflatable decorations or are looking for extravagant garlands, arches, and shaped installations, our guide has options to suit any style. Dr Balloon Delivery dazzles with its vibrant balloon bouquets, while Angeles Flower & Balloon brings joy with a variety of balloon and flower arrangements in soft pastels or bright metallics. Discover the potential of balloon decor to transform your event into a memorable celebration with the help of these skilled professionals in Los Angeles.