Yombu Kids Party Blog Cake Shops in Memphis

Cake Shops in Memphis

Discover Memphis’ sweetest secrets! From classic Southern flavors to innovative creations, explore the city’s finest cake shops.…
Yombu Blog Cake Shops in Memphis

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Written by (Author):  Rose Novotny
Last updated:  July 15, 2024

Step into the irresistible world of confectionery as we explore the sweet havens scattered across the soulful city of Memphis. Our guide to Cake Shops unveils the delectable artistry and diverse flavors that define the city’s thriving baking scene. From time-honored Southern classics to contemporary masterpieces, Memphis’ cake shops promise a tantalizing journey for every dessert enthusiast. Join us on a tour of indulgence, where every slice tells a delicious story.

Frost Bake Shop

Opening Hours – 10am – 7pm, Mon-Sat /10am – 4pm, Sun

Frost Bake Shop in Memphis is the epitome of sweet enchantment for kids’ parties. Renowned for their delectable creations, this bakery brings magic to celebrations with whimsical cakes and irresistible treats. From custom designs to a delightful array of flavors, Frost Bake Shop ensures that every bite is a moment of joy, making birthdays truly special.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 901-682-4545

Address: 394 S Grove Park Rd, Memphis, TN 38117, United States

Sweet LaLa’s Bakery

Opening Hours – 8am – 4pm, Mon-Sat/ Close, Sun

Sweet LaLa’s Bakery in Memphis is a delightful haven for kids’ parties, where sweetness and creativity collide. Known for their imaginative cakes and treats, Sweet LaLa’s adds a touch of magic to every celebration. With a variety of flavors and charming designs, they ensure that each party becomes a scrumptious adventure, making birthdays truly unforgettable.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 901-654-3646

Address: 6150 Poplar Ave Suite 118, Memphis, TN 38119, United States

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My Sweet Dreamz Bakery & Sweet Treats

Opening Hours – 11am – 6pm, Mon-Fri/10am- 3pm, Sat

My Sweet Dreamz Bakery & Sweet Treats in Memphis is a dream come true for kids’ parties, offering a delightful array of confections that spark joy. From whimsical cakes to irresistible treats, their creative designs and delectable flavors make celebrations extraordinary. My Sweet Dreamz crafts sweet memories, ensuring that every child’s birthday is a scrumptious and magical affair.

Contact Details

Address: 1331 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38104, United States

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Opening Hours – 10am – 7pm, Mon-Sat/12am-5pm, Sun

Nothing Bundt Cakes in Memphis is a sweet haven for kids’ parties, crafting delicious memories with their signature bundt cakes. Renowned for their irresistible flavors and charming designs, these cakes add a touch of elegance to celebrations. From whimsical decorations to delectable taste, Nothing Bundt Cakes ensures that every party becomes a delightful and memorable occasion.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 901-208-8984

Address: 681 S White Station Rd Suite 101, Memphis, TN 38117, United States

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