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Cake Shops in Oklahoma

Indulge in Oklahoma’s finest cake shops! Discover a world of delicious, artistic cakes perfect for any celebration. Taste the local…
Yombu Blog Cake Shops in Oklahoma

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Written by (Author):  Rose Novotny
Last updated:  July 15, 2024

Embark on a delicious journey through Oklahoma’s finest cake shops, where every bite tells a story of craftsmanship and flavor. In the heart of America, these local treasures combine traditional baking techniques with innovative designs, offering a delightful array of cakes for every occasion. From the classic Oklahoma red velvet to inventive new creations, our tour of the Sooner State’s cake shops will introduce you to a world of exquisite tastes and artistic confections that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and add a touch of sweetness to any celebration. Join us as we explore the hidden gems and popular favorites that make Oklahoma a haven for cake enthusiasts.

Leo’s Cakery

Opening Hours – 10am-6pm, Mon-Fri / 9am-4pm, Sat

Leo’s Cakery is a wonderland for kids’ parties, renowned for its whimsical and imaginative cakes. Each creation is not only a feast for the eyes but also for the palate, with flavors that are kid-approved. Their specialty in crafting fun, themed cakes, from superheroes to fairy tales, ensures every child’s party is both magical and memorable.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 405-503-4749

Address: 604 SW 29th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73109, United States

OKC Sweets

Opening Hours -10am – 6pm, Tues-Fri/ 10am-4pm, Sat

OKC Sweets stands out for kids’ parties with its delightful range of fun, vibrant cakes. Tailored to capture young imaginations, their cakes feature favorite characters and themes, ensuring each party is a hit. Known for both exceptional taste and creative designs, OKC Sweets turns every celebration into an exciting, sweet adventure for children and their guests.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 405-882-7922

Address: 7306 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, United States

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Rosebeary’s Bakery

Opening Hours – 10am – 6pm, Tues-Sat/ Mon-Sun, Close

Rosebeary’s Bakery is a hit at kids’ parties, known for its creatively themed and deliciously crafted cakes. Their attention to detail in designs, from enchanting unicorns to adventurous pirates, captivates young hearts. With a focus on fresh, quality ingredients, Rosebeary’s ensures every cake is as delightful in taste as it is in appearance, making every celebration special.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 405-608-4973

Address: 12100 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, United States

Gigi’s Cupcakes

Opening Hours – 9am – 6pm, Mon-Sat/ Close, Sun

Gigi’s Cupcakes brings a unique twist to kids’ parties with their delectable and beautifully decorated cupcakes. Perfect for little hands, these cupcakes come in a variety of flavors and whimsical designs that excite children. Their bite-sized treats, easy to share and enjoy, make Gigi’s Cupcakes a delightful and convenient choice for any joyful, fuss-free celebration.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 405-286-6200

Address: 14101 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, United States

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