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Last updated:  November 27, 2023

Twisting the Ordinary into Extraordinary Fun!

Pop into the world of Portland’s balloon virtuosos! Whether you’re picturing poodles or princesses, these artists twist, turn, and transform simple balloons into imaginative masterpieces. As we unravel the magic behind the city’s finest balloon twisters, get ready to elevate your next event from the mundane to the marvelous. Let’s inflate the fun!

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Not Your Average Joe Mishkin

Not Your Average Joe Mishkin takes balloon twisting to a whole new level! With a flair for creativity and a knack for the unexpected, Joe crafts intricate balloon designs that mesmerize kids. His unique creations ensure a memorable party experience that both children and adults will rave about.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 503-799-6168

Areas: Portland, RO

Tuxedo Jimmy

Tuxedo Jimmy is Portland’s balloon maestro, turning simple latex into enchanting shapes. His sophisticated style, combined with a playful twist, captures kids’ imaginations and adults’ admiration. At any party, Tuxedo Jimmy’s artistic creations become the center of fascination and fun, guaranteeing unforgettable celebrations.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 503-913-4283

Areas: Portland, RO

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Bizzy The Clown

Bizzy The Clown brings a whirlwind of joy to every kids’ party. Not just a master balloon twister, but also a bundle of energy and humor. Bizzy’s vibrant creations and infectious laughter make parties come alive, ensuring a day filled with fun and cherished memories for the little ones.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 503-659-6366

Areas: Portland, RO

The Balloonicorns

The Balloonicorns offer a magical touch to any kids’ party in Portland. Their whimsical balloon designs, ranging from classic shapes to fantastical creatures, enchant both children and adults alike. Every twist and turn creates a world of imagination, ensuring a colorful and unforgettable celebration for every guest.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 971-270-1799

Areas: Portland, RO

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    1. Amber G.

      Party planning has never been my thing so I am basically searching all over online for ideas. Someone I know recommended finding a balloon twister and quite frankly, it is not the easiest thing to find in Portland!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your party venue recommendations in the area. It is making this so much easier for me 🙂