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Last updated:  November 27, 2023

Bounce into Unforgettable Fun!

Ready to add a bounce to your next bash? There’s nothing quite like the gleeful shouts of kids launching into the air inside a jumping castle. Dive into a world where gravity takes a backseat, and every leap is met with endless giggles. From sprawling dragon-themed castles to delightful pink princess palaces, Portland’s jumping castle rentals promise more than just a good time; they promise memories that’ll be cherished for years! Join us as we hop, skip, and bounce our way through the city’s most spectacular inflatable kingdoms.

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PDX Jumpers

PDX Jumpers brings the ultimate bounce experience to Portland parties! Offering a diverse range of vibrant and safe jumping castles, they guarantee hours of airborne delight. Tailored to various themes and sizes, their inflatables transform any kids’ celebration into a memorable, gravity-defying adventure!

Contact Details

Phone: +1 503-906-0858

Areas: Portland, OR

Jump 4 Joy

Jump 4 Joy is Portland’s haven for inflatable fun! Their premium jumping castles, designed with safety and excitement in mind, become the highlight of any kids’ gathering. With punctual deliveries and a myriad of themes, Jump 4 Joy ensures every little guest leaves with bounce-filled memories and joyous laughter!

Contact Details

Phone: +1 503-312-1202

Areas: Portland, OR

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My PlayCenter, LLC

My PlayCenter, LLC is Portland’s answer to dynamic party fun! Offering an array of top-tier inflatables, from classic bouncers to obstacle courses, they ensure endless entertainment. Dedicated to safety and quality, My PlayCenter turns kids’ parties into exhilarating play zones, making every event bounce-tastically memorable!

Contact Details

Phone: +1 360-524-3599

Areas: Portland, OR

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