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Magicians in Seattle

Experience enchanting magic with kid magicians in Seattle! Bring wonder and smiles to your child’s party with our talented young…
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Written by (Author):  Rose Novotny
Last updated:  July 15, 2024

Spells, Smiles, and Spectacular Surprises!

Prepare to be amazed and delighted as we dive into the enchanting world of kids magicians in Seattle! These talented performers wield wands, pull rabbits from hats, and leave audiences of all ages spellbound with their mesmerizing tricks and humor. Get ready for a magical journey full of wonder and laughter as we explore the top kids magicians the Emerald City has to offer!

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Seattle Kids Magician

Seattle Kids Magician brings an extra dose of magic to kids’ parties in the Emerald City. With a captivating blend of illusions, comedy, and audience participation, this magician creates an unforgettable experience for young audiences. From pulling surprises out of thin air to making smiles appear on every face, Seattle Kids Magician is the secret ingredient for enchanting celebrations.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 206-695-2194

Areas: Seattle, WA


AlakaSam is the master of enchantment, delighting kids and adults alike with his mesmerizing magic shows. With over a decade of experience, he crafts magical moments filled with wonder and laughter at every kids’ party. AlakaSam’s charismatic and interactive performances make him the go-to magician for creating spellbinding memories that children and their families will cherish forever.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 206-522-4889

Areas: Seattle, WA

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Joe Black

Kristoff the Magician is the enchanting entertainer you need to make your kid’s party unforgettable. With his charming demeanor and mind-boggling tricks, Kristoff captivates young audiences from start to finish. Whether he’s pulling objects out of thin air or making things disappear, his magic leaves kids in awe. Book Kristoff and add a touch of wonder to your next kids’ party!

Contact Details

Phone: +1 425-516-1391

Areas: Seattle, WA

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