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Magicians in Tampa

Discover Tampa’s best kid magicians for spellbinding parties! Our guide features entertainers who bring magic, laughter, and wonder to events.…
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Written by (Author):  Rose Novotny
Last updated:  July 15, 2024

Spells, Smiles, and Spectacular Surprises!

Welcome to the enchanting world of kids’ magicians in Tampa, where every trick is a doorway to wonder and every performance a spell of delight! Tampa’s sunny shores are the perfect backdrop for magical moments that turn ordinary parties into extraordinary experiences. Whether it’s a rabbit hopping out of a hat at a backyard birthday bash, or a coin mysteriously vanishing at a community event, our guide will introduce you to the most captivating magicians in the area. These talented performers are not just masters of illusion; they’re creators of joy, laughter, and awe. Join us as we pull back the curtain on the best magical entertainers in Tampa, ready to sprinkle some magic dust on your child’s special day!

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Antwan Towner

Antwan Towner in Tampa is a masterful magician, bringing a blend of humor, illusion, and audience interaction that’s perfect for kids’ parties. His engaging style and magical prowess captivate young audiences, ensuring a fun and mesmerizing experience. His ability to tailor shows to suit any age group makes every celebration a magical and unforgettable event for children.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 917-435-6870

Areas: Tampa, FL

Magic Suzy

Magic Suzy in Tampa offers a unique and delightful magic show, specifically tailored for kids’ parties. Her performances are filled with fun, interactive tricks, and age-appropriate humor, captivating young audiences. Known for her energetic presence and ability to engage children, Magic Suzy ensures a memorable and magical experience that leaves kids amazed and laughing throughout the celebration.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 805-636-7163

Areas: Tampa, FL

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Magic By Orlando

Magic By Orlando in Tampa brings a touch of wonder to kids’ parties with his captivating magic shows. Known for his interactive performances and charming tricks, Orlando creates an atmosphere of excitement and amazement. His shows are perfectly suited for children, making each party a magical journey filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 813-774-2665

Areas: Tampa, FL

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