6 Essential Steps to a Homemade Children’s Party

6 Essential Steps to a Homemade Children’s Party by Yombu
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Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole
Last updated:  November 14, 2023

The first time I planned a children’s party at home, I was a bit of a nervous wreck. There was so much to do and I wasn’t very organized back then! New mom syndrome. Anyhow, now I’m a seasoned pro and I want to impart some of my wisdom to how you can throw the most awesome homemade children’s party. Whether it’s your first time planning a party for little ones, or you already have it in the bag and need some inspiration, follow these six simple steps to create the perfect children’s party at home. From party decorations to  birthday gifts, it’s easy to make your party go off with a bang!

1) Choose a theme

I found it easy to choose a theme for my kids – they loved football, animals and Disney. If you’re struggling for ideas, just know that anything can be turned into a theme, from favorite animals and colors, to TV shows and computer games. Once you’ve decided, the rest of your plans will be more focused, and all the guests can get involved by turning up in fancy dress!

2) Irresistible invites

I found it quite fun to try my hand at being crafty and making our own invitations. We’d make them on theme, which meant lots of time scouring magazines. Loads of fun! Think top hats for a magical party and big tops for a circus theme. For a perfect pirate party you could even write your invitations on tea-stained paper and slip them into glass bottles, to pass on your message shipwreck-style.

3) Dare to decorate

All I need are a few streamers in the doorway and ribbons on the chairs, and boom! A banquet hall fit for a princess. For a football party, throw down a green rug and blow up loads of black and white balloons. And if you’re going to venture outside, how about a picnic blanket under a tree and colorful paper chains hanging from the branches? Perfect for a gathering of little fairies!

6 essential steps to a homemade children's party Yombu
Craft your own invitations
6 essential steps to a homemade children's party Yombu
Make rainbow cake!
6 essential steps to a homemade children's party Yombu
Gift bag it

4) Bring on the clowns

We all have one hiding inside, trust me. Professional entertainers are a great idea for bigger parties, but if you’re going to take on the entertainment yourself, match the old favorites to your theme: Disney princesses play musical thrones, and pint-sized pirates love a treasure hunt! For outdoor parties there’s always hide and seek, and everybody loves a piñata. Or simply put on some music and get them all dancing.

5) Let them eat cake

I really enjoy making cake, even if I’m not really a professional pastry chef. I mix up cake batter in different colors to make a rainbow cake. Try it; It’ll be a real centerpiece for your party spread. Feeling ambitious? Then make your cake in the shape of a star, ice on a cartoon character, or simply decorate it with your child’s favorite sweets. Top it off with some relighting candles for a truly magical treat that everyone can enjoy!

6 Essential Steps to a Homemade Children’s Party Yombu Events
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6) Gorgeous gifts

I like to thank guests for coming with cute party bags, which are the perfect way to give a gift to every guest. I usually include the classics: sweets, a party popper and a slice of cake (if you can bear to cut it up). For something a bit different, I’ve also tried glow in the dark stars, mini jigsaw puzzles, pens, puzzle books and toys from a joke shop. Remember your theme and you’ll find there’s no end to the possibilities for tiny treats!

Congratulations, you’ve just thrown a fantastic children’s birthday party! Don’t forget to visit DotComGiftShop for more brilliant birthday gifts. Now, is there any leftover cake?


What games should be included in a kids party?

1. Freeze dance
2. Keep up the balloon
3. Charades
4. Red Rover
5. 3-legged race

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