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Art Birthday Party

Inspire your little Picasso with an Art Birthday Party. How? Well, Yombu is ready with creative tips and tricks right…
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Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole  |  Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Art-themed Birthday parties are a wonderful way to inspire creativity and imagination in both children and adults and they can be tailored to fit a wide range of ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just looking to try something new, an art-themed party can be a fun and memorable way to spend time with friends and loved ones. From colorful decorations to exciting activities and delicious treats, I’ll show you how an Art Birthday party can provide a unique and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Keep the Activities on Theme

I find it super easy to think of art-themed activities. Anything with a pencil or paintbrush usually works well! I set up painting stations with canvases, paints, and brushes, a drawing station with pencils and paper, and a collage station with magazines, scissors, and glue. I also have guests make my photo album for me, with a photo booth station with props and costumes to take pictures.

Art birthday party Yombu
Arty Activities
Art birthday party Yombu
Rainbow Cake!
Art birthday party Yombu
Water Color Invitations

Arty Food

While the ‘struggling artist’ might be a romantic notion, I like to keep my little artists well fed. Art themed cakes are to-die! You can go wild with colors and add to that brightly colored fruit skewers and different colors of punch. Don’t be shy. There need not be paintbrushes and palettes everywhere – a beautiful rainbow cake is also a wonderful splash of color!

Arty Decor

I like to splash and use all the colors I can find for streamers and balloons. I find that the art supplies like paintbrushes and markers actually serve to improve the aesthetic and show the art theme. I have a couple of paintings at home that I use as stand-around props as well to create an art gallery-style display. Plenty of inspiration to go around.

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Art Party Favors

This is super simple. Any craft the guests created can double as their party favor. I like to throw in the supplies they used as an added bonus – markers, colored pencils, or paint sets. For an extra dash of cuteness, I’ve also included adorable berets to complete their artist look.

Art Invitations

I use this as a wonderful way to spend time being arty with my kids – we get together and make our own invitations. I find great art-themed stickers at my local party store or Redbubble, because my drawing skills are not always up to snuff. But making the invitations look water-color-y is also a great way to ditch the structure and just be free.


What are some fun venues for an Art themed party?

Depending on your child’s tastes, a squiz around an art gallery, followed by lunch in an open-air café is always a great idea. There are also some kid-friendly art class venues that allow for private hire, and guided craft sessions. These take the stress out of having to do it all yourself.

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