How To Plan a 7th Heaven Party

How To Plan a 7th Heaven Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 23, 2023

Since your children are little angels after all, why not opt for a 7th Heaven themed birthday party to make them feel extra special? Think interactive, magical and, obviously, loads of fun. Here’s How To Throw A 7th Heaven Themed Party that will have your guests on Cloud 9.

1) 7th Heaven Birthday Party Décor

Of course, it goes without saying that for a party to be heaven themed, the décor needs to be to die for – pardon the pun. You need not go full white and gold exclusively, though metallics work wonderfully for this type of theme. Rainbow colors in delicate pastel hues add a touch of softness and mystery to this amazing aesthetic. Central Florida Balloons has amazing custom garlands – check them out here.

2) Heaven Themed Party Activities

Can slime stations fit into a 7th Heaven themed party? Of course! It’s kiddie heaven and they should have whatever they want. Yombu’s slime making parties are legend and would be a wonderful addition to your heaven themed party. You can add other crafts as you see fit, which can be overseen by Yombu’s trained entertainers and coordinators, so that you can sit back and relax. How about a dance floor, or a pool of balls in pinks, whites and golds?

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Pool Of Balls
7th Heaven Party Yombu
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7th Heaven Party Yombu
White Bounce House

3) Angel Themed Birthday Party Cake and Treats

Cotton candy is a must – in soft pinks and whites, like clouds. A mobile candy stand will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and an interactive juice bar with jewel-colored drinks and juice options can be like tasting the rainbows. An angel themed cake is a no-brainer – white, sparkly and delicious. Cake Coquette does beautiful children’s custom cake and can definitely create a themed angel cake for your event. They also offer vegan and gluten free options! You can also find the best bakeries in your City using our hand guide. Just be sure to bring along an image of the Angel themed Cake you would like them to make.

4) Jump Heavenward

A bounce house will give the angels the wings they need to fly – you could also encourage children to dress in theme, though be careful that they don’t damage their wings on the jumping castle. These days one can get the most beautiful modern white bounce houses that are a simple touch of heaven and can be draped in the dreamy balloon garlands we mentioned above. Our favorite supplier, The White Bounce House has locations all over the US.

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5) Heavenly Invitations

Find heaven and angel themed online invitation templates with Yombu. Available in great pastel colors, with scatters of gold, they’re ready to be customized and will be ready within 24 hours. So, if you’re trying to plan a party in a hurry, be sure to check them out. They’ll make 3 sets of changes until you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

The 7th Heaven themed party is a wide-open field for any sort of kiddie activities your child and their friends enjoy. It’s great because you really can make it anything you want to be, and as extra as you want it to be! Now you have some prep in How To Throw A 7th Heaven Themed Party, so go and rock it!


What do you do at a heaven themed party?

A great creative craft is to have an art wall, where people can colour in their favourite section for the hosts to keep as a memento.

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