How To Plan a Burberry Themed Party

How To Plan a Burberry Themed Party by Yombu
Last updated: February 10, 2023

The iconic Burberry is up! Welcome back to the third in a series of How-To throw fabulous designer parties. First, we had Yves Saint Laurent and Hermés – now we’re going back up the English Channel to a British brand known for cashmere, trench coats and check: Burberry. Don’t get it confused with Blueberry – though we’re sure that if you wanted to combine the two and have a blueberry Burberry party, it could work. Maybe.

Here’s How To Throw A Burberry Themed Party.

How to Throw a Burberry themed Kids Party on our YouTube Channel.

1) Check It Out

Burberry is famous for a signature beige check aesthetic, among its lux cashmere scarves and trench coats, so, of course guest have to dress the part! Even if your birthday is in the heat of summer, you can still rock a Burberry inspired look. If you stick with check in beige, and black, you really can’t go wrong (and now and then they throw in some navy or Cobalt blue). For more inspiration, get it straight from the legends themselves here.

2) Check Out The Whole Party

You can have a check cake and check inspired party décor. Chic Posh Party does Burberry cake toppers, water bottle labels, plates, cups and table tunners. Alliance Bakery does a designer Burberry cake – and they can make it vegan and gluten free! – with endless flavor combinations. WH Candy can create personalised plaid candy wrappers for guests to have take-home chocolate bars as party favors. If you want to throw in chips, The Brat Shack has Burberry chip bags!

Burberry Cake
Dress Up!
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3) Don’t Be Stiff

Just because Burberry is a British brand for mostly winter clothes and scarves, with serious looking models, does not mean this party has to be void of fun. In fact, Burberry had an epic pub after party a few years back that had two DJs and a live performance by The Kooks. Some folk sported amazing face-paint. That remind us so of Yombu and their professional face-painting artists who will come to your party and keep the guests busy with creative designs while you snack on your Burberry biscuit.

4) Have Mannequins And A Fashion Show

Following on said serious faced models above, create a model-ly feel and have dress display forms at your party. Dot them around the room, and on either side of a runway – however you choose to make it – for a fabulous modelling show where the kids can model their check and give their best stern modelling face. More than likely it will result in more laughs than blank faces, but that’s the whole point. The dress display forms often come in a light beige color, making it compatible with the aesthetic, and they actually just look pretty cool. They can even double as coat hangers. Shop for them here.

How To Plan a Burberry Themed Party Yombu Events
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5) Burberry Invitations

Yombu also has thousands of online customizable templates for digital invitations. So, create your Burberry look right from the get-go and get guests excited for your party. All that’s required is for you to fill in your details and their digital ninjas will return the invitation within 24 hours. If you aren’t happy, you’re allowed 3 revisions for free!

So, that’s How you Throw A Burberry Themed Party. It’s great to know where to find this signature check look, thanks to Yombu’s expert party planners! Next up? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned!


What food do you have at a Burberry party?

There’s no set menu. You can go to town – and still dress some up in plaid! Cake pops and cookies can be stylized to Burberry’s pattern – and since it’s British, why not go for traditional British food like fish and chips?

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