How To Plan a (Candy) Sushi Themed Birthday Party

How To Plan a (Candy) Sushi Themed Birthday Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

It turns out that some kids actually quite (unusually) like sushi these days! But with even some adults struggling to take to this Japanese delicacy, and perhaps not all children digging the idea of raw fish – preserving its natural nutrients and oils, but raw nonetheless – we’ve discovered something amazing, especially for a children’s party – candy sushi! So, we’ve built an entire party theme around it. So, we’re here to show you How To Host A Candy Sushi Themed Birthday Party – or for more simple terms, perhaps a Japanese themed birthday party, but a party it shall be!

1) Candy Sushi Themed . . . well, candy sushi

Okay, we have to start with the candy sushi, the central feature to this party. What on earth is candy sushi? It is exactly as it sounds. It’s sushi made with candy. Basically, the rice is Rice Krispies, the fish is fish gummies and the seaweed is fruit roll ups. You can find tons of candy sushi recipes on the web, but here’s our favorite.

Sushi Candy Kids Party Yombu
Sushi Candy Ideas
Sushi Candy Kids Party Yombu
Origami Boats
Sushi Candy Kids Party Yombu
Candy Sushi

2) Candy Sushi Themed Activities

What goes better with sushi than some Japanese tea? Indulge the little guests with a Japanese tea ceremony, an origami session to make some finger puppets and boats or teach them how to use chopsticks by first picking up marshmallows – or even let the kids make the sushi themselves! Grab a playlist from iTunes to help guests really get into the activities.

3) Candy Sushi Themed Cake

Just because we are having candy sushi does NOT mean we’re skipping the cake. You can really go wild with this one. Besides sushi candy bites, have sushi cake bites, cupcakes or one gigantic sushi cake, resembling your child’s favourite type of sushi or sashimi. Haley Cakes and Cookies does amazing themed cakes. Alternatively, if you want something a little different, a cherry blossom cake can be done quite simply in the comfort of your own home.

How To Plan a (Candy) Sushi Themed Birthday Party Yombu Events
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4) Japanese Themed Party Decorations

Keep your sushi theme on point with authentic Japanese decorations. If folks don’t get the candy sushi thing, the decorations will definitely give it away. Red is a big color in Japanese themed decor, with spots of yellow and natural tones like beige. A pale cherry blossom pink can also be mixed in there and if you can get your hands on a fake cherry blossom tree to stick up then even better! Lanterns, fans and plates can be found online, along with cool ninja cupcake stands.

6) Candy Sushi Themed Characters

No, we’re not suggesting a life-sized sushi roll at your party – at least, not if you don’t want us to – but a party character, courtesy of Yombu is a definite must. If you thought that the concepts of ‘superhero’ and ‘Japanese’ could not go together, did you know that the Marvel universe is loaded with Japanese superheroes? From Cybermancer or Jubilation Lee for girls, or boy favorites like Hulk – as seen in the original 2005 Amazing Fantasy comic – or Sunfire in the X-Men universe, you can definitely still have a masculine touch at your party.

5) Candy Sushi Themed Invitations

While this might be an unusual theme, Yombu’s creative team of digital designers can create a custom invitation to entice guests to your unique Candy Sushi Party. It only takes a quick filling in of the necessary event details and a 24-hour turnaround time and you’ll have the perfect invitation for your guests. Be sure to give them plenty of notice to get hold of a kimono!

If you ask us, it’s never been easier to Host A Candy Sushi Themed Birthday Party. With all this intriguing theme affords, guests will definitely be excited to experience it with you.


What kinds of games can I play at a candy sushi themed party?

Here are some great ideas:
1. Sushi Go Game – this and this are awesome options.
2. Hanami card game
3. Trivia – Japan is a country of rich cultural tradition. Check your guests’ knowledge.

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    1. Shanice Carr

      Delicious! This is not only a safer but much more interactive way to serve sushi, whether it’s to skeptical children or adults who simply don’t like raw fish. I love the idea of offering different types of candy and having guests experiment with making their own rolls. Oh, and rice krispies as a substitute for rice is simply brilliant!