How To Plan a Chanel Themed Party

How To Plan a Chanel Themed Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel, also known simply as Coco Chanel, or Chanel, revolutionized the fashion world with casual feminine chic that grew to include elegant statement pieces such as the little black dress. Known for being a powerful businesswoman, Coco Chanel created an iconic brand that lives on more than 50 years since her passing – her Chanel No.5 perfume having celebrated 100 years of existence on May 5, 2021.

Can anyone match this amazing woman? We’ll try – here’s how to throw the most popular party of the year.. A Chanel Themed Party.

1) The Chanel Colors

Coco Chanel once said of black, “I imposed black and it reigns still because black trumps all.” With white? It’s the quintessential Chanel. Coco Chanel also said of black and white’s pairing, “It’s the perfect harmony.” However, inspired by the Coco Mademoiselle campaign, beige and gold can cover your venue in soft, yet powerful sophistication. Metallics and brights, with a dash of tweed has also made a seasonal appearance. So, what to do? Personally, we think having sections of themed color is a fabulous idea. Imagine, a monochrome dessert table in one corner and an edge of gold and beige balloons and streamers in another. Trés chic!

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2) Dress The Part

Oooh, we haven’t stopped raving about Chanel colors! A monochrome and neutral aesthetic will be stylishly offset by guests dressing in the seasonal colors of Chanel – shocking pink, tangerine and Cobalt blue, and pastels like baby blue, lemon yellow and rose lilac. Tell them to think timeless elegance.

3) Professional Makeup Artist

Chanel is known for the highest quality makeup in the world. Professional makeup artist to the celebrities, and for private and corporate events, Kate Kats has worked for Cosmopolitan, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Request her for your Chanel party and guests will come away feeling and looking amazing. To smell amazing too, have a perfume bar, where the girls can spritz themselves with divine Chanel scents.

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4) The Dish on The Delish

The Chanel dessert bar needs yums from B. Patisserie – rich chocolate treats including: mini truffle and white chocolate cheesecake squares, chocolate covered strawberries, macaroons, doughnuts, brownie bites, and cake balls. Gimme Some Sugar can make a delicious pumpkin flavored – or any flavored – cake for center stage. Inspired drinks with rich flavors like berry juice with non-alcoholic champagne, chocolate milk, and lemon and lime soda can bring a great variety of fresh and indulgent tastes and textures to the beverage menu.

5) Entertainment

Chanel was known to enjoy some pretty . . .  exciting parties. She surrounded herself with artists and aristocrats. Make sure the children have stellar entertainment like that from Yombu. They offer professional kids party entertainment in the form of magic shows, party games, face-painting and princess and superhero characters to keep the children occupied. Booking and payment can be managed online with your Yombu account, putting you in total control of amendments for your big day – including if you need to reschedule or cancel.

6) Chanel Party Decorations

How do you decorate a Chanel Party on a budget? Katie J Design and Events offers customizable Chanel decor packages orderable online and delivered to your door! The signature Chanel colors are all over Pinterest and Etsy, and of course, our trusty Amazon. If you seek the classic black and pale pink aesthetic, you can find inspiration at any party shop near you.

That’s our 5th instalment of our designer party series – but a little birdie told us that we may be continuing due to popular demand. Did you love our How To Throw A Chanel Themed Party ideas? Comment below and stay tuned for more designer parties.


Where is a great place to host a Chanel themed party?

Elle gives great advice on how to throw a Chanel themed garden party. Nothing speaks elegance like strolling around the lawn with your sun umbrella! So you can throw these amazing parties right in your own backyard. Alternatively, any light and open clubhouse or venue with a wonderful view of greenery and water would work wonderfully.

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