How To Plan a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

How To Plan a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party by Yombu
Last updated: September 16, 2023

Get the dig on how to throw an epic Dino Themed Birthday Party with our list of all the what-to-dos and where-to-finds from the greatest party places. From dino themed décor, to entertainment and of course, yummy birthday cake, we’ve got your back. Barney and Land Before Time dinosaurs are favorites of the preschool crowd. Older children may be budding paleontologists and will be more interested in real dinosaurs and learning or sharing information related to the life and times of dinosaurs.

There’s no shortage on the availability of dinosaur themed goods but we’ve narrowed it down for you – now it’s up to you to just decide. Good luck!

1) Dino Birthday Party Décor

Think fabulous party backdrops with bright bunting and a coordinating balloon garland, mini palm trees, along with a palm leaf garland on the food table and hessian fabric to add a jungle feel to the party. If you really want to splash, then Amazon sells 113 piece dinosaur themed decoration packets, including balloons, curtains, and banners.

Decorate your party room with plastic or stuffed, dinosaur toys, plastic ferns, rocks, dinosaur foot prints cutouts and drawings of dinosaurs.

2) Dinosaur Party Entertainment

Yombu has amazingly talented entertainers that will adjust easily to your preferred theme. Keep guests enraptured with dino themed face painting and a variety of party games. Think pin the tail on the dinosaur, dinosaur egg hunt, dino balloon art and dino face painting. Games are best suited to an outdoor space and can entertain 4-7 kids at a time, at the recommended ages of 5-9 years old.

3) Dinosaur Birthday Party Games

Other games you can DIY include:

Dinosaur tail stomp: all you have to do is tie a string around one child’s waist with a balloon attached to it. The string has to be long enough to reach the ground. Then the other children have to chase them to try and pop it! Dinosaur dig: bury plastic dinosaur bones in your garden or sand pit and let the little ones dig ‘em up. The one who finds the most wins.

You can also show a short dinosaur movie. Play a dino matching game (pictures to names) or prehistoric trivia. Dig for dinosaur bones. Set-up a prehistoric obstacle course (quicksand, tar pits, hungry T-Rex) or ice age races (put on mittens, ski caps, and parkas)

Make modeling clay dinosaurs and prehistoric chalk drawings. Create “fossils” by having guests press leaves, pinecones, and shells into plaster or clay. Set-up a coloring table with dinosaur coloring pages. Or get cool glow in the dark dinosaur temporary tattoos from Amazon, as well as dinosaur quizzes under their toys and games section.

Dinosaur Party Yombu
Dino Cake
Dinosaur Party Yombu
Dino Games
Dinosaur Party Yombu
Dino Decor

4) Dino Themed Cake

These guys are cake heaven. Bakery Lorraine will customise a delicious dino cake with any text of your choosing.

Cakes have gone 3D with Oakleaf Cakes’s array of themed birthday cakes frosted with Swiss buttercream frosting and filled with a delicious buttercream flavour of your choice – choose from favourites such as chocolate or vanilla, as well as fruity flavours like pineapple and strawberry or rich mocha, caramel and red velvet, and more.

5) Dinosaur Veggie Tray

Make eating veggies fun by arranging them in a dinosaur shape. You can use carrots, celery, mangetout, baby corn or colorful fruits like raspberries, blueberries, kiwi and bananas. Be sure to include yummy dips, like humus or baba ganoush for the veggies, or a creamy yoghurt dip for the fruit.

6) Dino Themed Invitations

Make invitations in the shape of a dinosaur or dinosaur footprint. If delivering the invitations, instead of mailing, place the invitation inside a plastic egg with a small plastic dinosaur.

You can also find the perfect dino themed invitation right here. At Yombu we host brilliant invitation templates in our online shop for easy purchase. Just fill in your details and you’ll have your custom invites in 24 hours – plus you’re allowed 3 revisions if you aren’t entirely satisfied.

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7) Dino Party Favors

This is so super easy – as easy as getting some gold foil covered chocolate eggs in the store and hiding them away for an egg hunt, or trying your hand at making these amazing dinosaur eggs with a surprise inside that the kids get to take home.

You can also fill your favor bags with small plastic dinosaurs, dinosaur gliders, stickers, chalk and fruit leathers.

8) Dinosaur Fun Foods

Serve hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken nuggets, veggie tray and dip (many dinosaurs were vegetarians!), and tropical fruit salad. Some other ideas are also making cupcakes or cake with plastic dinosaurs, jelly bean dino eggs and cookie crumb rocks.

We don’t know about you, but we think that’s a pretty awesome list of How To Throw Your own Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party. Your kid will love you and their friends will be chattering about this until the next birthday – and whatever the theme for that one will be, you can be sure we will have a great list of resources for that too. Happy partying!


What food do you serve at a dino party?

Dino – deviled eggs, pterodactyl chicken wings, or lava cheese blocks, to name a few. You can take any kid favourite and give it a dino twist.

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