How to Plan a ‘Fabuloso’ Dora the Explorer Party

How to Plan a ‘Fabuloso’ Dora the Explorer Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  December 4, 2023

Dora the Explorer has been delighting kiddos with her bright personality while teaching them Spanish along the way for over two decades. I remember my baby sister watching Dora go on her musical adventures and, 15 years later, I joyfully experienced it once again through my little one’s eyes. With colorful backdrops and adorable characters, Dora the Explorer is a fun party theme for boys and girls alike.

Let’s explore how to plan a ‘Fabuloso’ Dora the Explorer Birthday bash, the party decor, activities, food, invitations and everything else you need to plan the perfect party!

Yum! Yum! Yum! Deliciosos Munchies

What better way to embrace Dora’s heritage than with some Hispanic food? A taco bar is a great way for little guests to try their hand at putting together a meal with prepared ingredients. For younger guests, yummy quesadillas can be a great choice. And you can’t go wrong with sugary, cinnamon churros for dessert!

Other simple snacks to keep the kiddies fueled through the festivities can include:

  • Cheese sticks decorated to look like the ‘Map.’
  • Colorful, star-shaped cookies with cute faces to look like the ‘Explorer Stars,’ or cookies decorated to look like ‘Backpack.’
  • Animal crackers to keep with the jungle animal theme.
  • ‘Boots’ fruit cups.
  • Star-shaped sandwiches.
  • Cupcakes with pink, purple, or orange frosting and character or star toppers will keep with Dora’s color scheme.
  • Cut fruit, such as cantaloupe or watermelon, into flower or star shapes for a fresh, healthy snack.

A colorful cake with edible flowers, a jungle theme, or Dora character cake toppers from your local bakery can be a delicious way to continue with the theme. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, bake a cake in Dora’s color scheme and decorate it with store-bought cake toppers.

Dora the Explorer Kids Party Mascots Yombu
Dora the Explorer Party Mascots
Dora the Explorer Kids Birthday Cake - Yombu
Dora Birthday Cake
Dora the Explorer Cookies Yombu
Dora the Explorer Cookies

Invitations – Let’s Go!

To set the tone for the adventure to come, send party invites that look like a map with directions to your home. You can purchase or create your own invitations by printing or writing them in playful fonts. You can also let Yombu design them for you!

Excelente Décor

Decorate your venue with vibrant purple, pink, and orange balloons, streamers, tablecloths, and serverware to keep with Dora’s color scheme. You can also select softer shades of the same colors for a more delicate look.

Hang purple, pink, and orange paper flowers or pom poms around your venue along with green, leafy vines for a jungle theme.

Make ‘Explorer Stars’ or some of the characters out of cardboard, such as Boots, Tico the Squirrel, or Benny the Bull, and place them all around for a playful touch.

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Games and Activities – Vamonos!

There’s so much fun to be had with a Dora party theme! Keep your little guests entertained and out of trouble with these games and activities.

  • Pin the Tail on Boots – Have a cut-out of Boots tapped onto a wall and give each tot a cardboard tail to pin onto Boots. The closest one wins a prize!
  • Scavenger Hunt – Put the kiddies in groups and give them a ‘Map’ with instructions to find ‘Arcoiris’ (Rainbow). Have each group find a different rainbow or have them all compete to find one. The first group to find it wins!
  • Obstacle Course – Make a map based on an obstacle course you set out for the children to follow. It can be as simple as following construction paper footprints, walking on a balance beam, or walking over a pretend cardboard ‘bridge.’ Let your imagination run wild and have fun exploring ideas!
  • Make Your Own Binoculars – Have a craft station set up with cardboard tubes, construction paper, colorful pipe cleaners, and stickers. Not only will your little guests sit still for a bit, but they will have fun creating and exploring with their very own binoculars!

I also love the idea of having a ‘We Did It!’ Dance Party. You don’t need any supplies, just a fun playlist and it’s really easy to organise.

Final Thoughts

Get that camera ready because once you learn how to plan a ‘Fabuloso’ Dora the Explorer party, you’ll want to capture the kiddos having fun against colorful backdrops and adorable characters.

Is Dora Spanish or Mexican?

Actually both, sort of. According to a spokesperson for Nickelodeon Dora is a Latina and was created to represent the Latin culture. So not specifically Spanish or Mexican but representing both cultures.

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