How To Plan A Fantastic Beasts Themed Party

How To Plan A Fantastic Beasts Themed Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

Harry Potter fans will definitely have seen JK Rowling’s prequel to the Wizarding World, the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, introducing us to Newt Scamander and his Niffler and Bowtruckle friends, Jacob and tons of magical adventure. Let’s take you back to the 1920s with these ideas on How To Throw A Fantastic Beasts Themed Party which includes the Party decor, balloon arch, Birthday cake and newspaper party invites.

1) The 1920s

We’ve already mentioned the first idea. Have guests arrive in 1920s dress – you can opt for a glamorous 1920s themed party or a simple, everyday wear for something closer to the original movie wardrobe. If in winter, long coats, scarves and a few bowties and hats will be wonderful. Find inspiration here.

2) Fantastic Beasts Decor

Having scatters of gold jewellery everywhere will add to the feel of naughty niffler stuffing his tummy with shiny goods. You don’t have to throw your real diamonds and pearls into the mix – Amazon sells fake gold jewellery at a dime. Niffler’s like anything shiny, so you can add anything to your strategically placed bowls and boxes of treasures, like shiny silver pens, or watches. And don’t forget those faux pearls! Maybe let the children go fastest-finger-first and grab their costume jewellery as party favors – make sure to add some yummy chocolate coins.

Fantastic Beasts Balloon Decor Fantastic Beasts Party Yombu
Themed Balloon Decor
Fantastic Beasts Cake Fantastic Beasts Party Yombu
Fantastic Beasts Cake
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Fantastic Beasts Invitations

3) The Owl Balloon Arch

An impressive balloon arch to welcome guests will set the tone for your Fantastic Beasts party. This beauty was created by a company in Indonesia, but any one of our favorite balloon décor suppliers can re-create this masterpiece for you:

Balloon Celebrations
Balloon Party
Confetti and Sprinkles

4) Fantastic Beasts Cake

Sugar Me Sweet in Michigan does delicious cakes with flavors such as White Chocolate with Raspberry Filling, Chocolate filled with Chocolate Ganache, Triple Lemon, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Sprinkle, and Banana Split. Cover that over with a creative niffler cake topper and colorful buttercreams and you have a wizarding wish come true.

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5) Fantastic Beasts Newspaper Invitations

What better way to get guests excited for your Fantastic Beasts themed party than with the perfect themed invitation? Slap the birthday child’s face on a ‘Wanted’ poster and you’re in business. Yombu can assist with digital invitations that can be requested from your Yombu account. Simply fill in your details and let the Yombu wizards work their magic. You’ll receive your invitation within 24 hours – how’s that for real magic?

What a treat it will be for guests to attend your Fantastic Beasts themed party! With these mesmerizing tips and tricks for planning the popular party theme, you’ll find that knowing how has never been so easy. They’ll be ‘wanted’ by everyone!


What do you do at a Fantastic Beasts party?

Hire a magician! Yombu can connect party planners and parents with professional kids magicians that will entertain up to 50 children for 45 minutes of magic sequences.

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