How To Plan a Fireman Themed Party in 2023

How To Plan a Fireman Themed Party in 2023 by Yombu
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It’s about to get red hot with our fireman themed party! If you love a pop of red, and a cool splash of water and amazing pumpkin cake for some spicy niceness, stay tuned for How To Throw A Fireman Themed Party in 2022:

1) Fireman Cake

So, no birthday is complete without cake. Since it’s a fireman themed party and firemen put out fires and fires are hot . . . maybe a spicy cake is a cool idea? Nothing too outlandish, but you know, pumpkin spice is a thing and it’s still delicious. BUT how about you elevate that to the next level by adding a chilli chocolate fondant or chocolate drip for some added kick? You can dial down on the sugar to elevate the spice. In fact, Susie Cakes does a beautiful pumpkin spice cake with pumpkin spice cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache. They don’t add chili to the ganache, but a hint hint never hurt anyone. It’s a simple, yet delicious way to celebrate.

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Pumpkin Fireman Cake
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Fire Truck Tours

2) Food

Besides cake, you can also opt for chocolate donuts (fire truck tires), red liquorice, chocolate covered pretzel sticks with red sprinkles (fire starters) and white chocolate and red sprinkle covered marshmallows (fire balls). Couple that with hot dogs, cheese and tomato skewers and pretty much any savory option you’d like for some variety – and less sugar highs and crashes later!

3) Fireman Invitations + Pro Entertainment (in One Place!)

Yombu has thousands of digital invitation templates that you can customize for your fireman theme. Simply fill in your details online and they will return the final product in 24 hours, with the option for 3 revisions. What’s more, you can book professional kids party entertainment online from your Yombu account – face-painters, magicians, party games and balloon artists to twist fire trucks and hats out of latex balloons! Book a balloon twister in any of the major Cities in the US.

4) Prop It

You can get fireman themed cut-outs, backdrops and hats, tableware and party bags on Amazon, and even some adorable fire hydrant drinking cups with straws and balloons shaped like flames! Add some amazing fireman vests to give to each child as they arrive for everyone to look the part. Get small red buckets and fill them with marshmallows on the snack table. Yum! You can also get all this and more from our friends at Birthday in a Box.

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5) Book A Tour

Get the children on a fireman tour of San Francisco – 90 minutes of riding over the Golden Gate Bridge and seeing San Francisco through new eyes, in a beautiful old school fire truck. They offer private charters for special events. Alternatively, Smokey’s brings a fire truck to your house, starting with a safety talk and a tour of the truck, before heading for a neighborhood ride. Plus children can practice their aim with a water filled fire extinguisher and simulated fire target.

If things get too hot, just hop in the pool. When you know How To Throw A Fireman Themed Party, you can expect loads of excitement and great memories to be made! These simple party tips, and special extras, are what throwing an unforgettable bash is all about – easy and stress free!


What do you do at a Fireman party?

Fun activities may include a mock ‘firefighting’ challenge where they aim water from squirt guns at designated targets, simulating putting out fires. Additionally, organizing a visit from a local firefighter or a fire truck tour can be an educational and exciting highlight for the little guests.

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