How To Plan a Frozen Themed Party

How To Plan a Frozen Themed Party by Yombu
Last updated: February 10, 2023

Make your party venue a winter wonderland with a beautiful Frozen themed birthday party. With delicate blues and whites, this aesthetic is easy on the eyes, elegant and oh, so pretty – just like Elsa herself! Here’s How To Throw A Frozen Themed Party:

1) The Color Scheme

Yes, sir, you have to have blue and white. Elsa’s pale blonde aesthetic is perfectly complimented by her elegant blue attire, and water and ice scenes are endless, of course. However, as an alternative, adding soft pastels like pink and lavender can also look stunning. Add a dash of silver to this – play around with snowflakes in the décor. These don’t need to have Elsa’s face on them – folk use snowflakes for Christmas themed parties too, and these can easily be found on Amazon, from hanging snowflakes, to snowflake confetti.

2) Lighting + Wands

Fairy lights will look amazing with the blue, white and silver color scheme. You can also purchase snowflake wands on Amazon as great party favors for the children.

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Frozen Cake
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3) Frozen Cake

You cannot have an amazing Frozen party without a beautifully decorated Frozen cake. Maybe an ice cream cake, to truly get into theme? Bakeries know how popular this theme is and have geared up their baking tools to enable them to create Frozen masterpieces, with blue colored sponge too! One of our favorites is definitely Patty Cakes.

4) Authentic Disney Dress

Grab beautiful Elsa costumes at your local Disney store and let the guest play dress up. The Disney store has locations all over the US and hosts toys, games, clothes, music, movies and more.

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5) Invite Elsa

Yombu has a famous friend list of a mile long and the beloved Elsa is definitely on it. Hire this magical party character in any of the Cities below on the Yombu marketplace

Party Characters for Hire in Miami
Party Characters for Hire in Los Angeles
Party Characters for Hire in New York

Party Characters for Hire in Boston
Party Characters for Hire in Chicago
Party Characters for Hire in Atlanta

Your booking is managed easily from your Yombu account – book, reschedule, cancel etc. simply and conveniently online.

This theme can work no matter the season – perhaps a wonderful way to cool down a summer birthday! Either way, knowing How To Throw A Frozen Themed Party makes execution a breeze. We hope you enjoy this fabulous theme as much as we do!


How do you dress for a Frozen party?

Elsa wears different color dresses – blue, white and purple. Her dresses are long-sleeves and made with flowing materials and shimmer accents. Incorporate these colors, with some bling for a great Frozen look.

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