How To Plan a Harry Potter Themed Party

How To Plan a Harry Potter Themed Party by Yombu
Last updated: April 29, 2023

The endlessly famous series by JK Rowling has been a trend since, well, what seems like forever. We’ve watched the child stars Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint transform and grow up before our very eyes as the series progressed. Now you can transform you little ones Birthday Bash by setting them up with a wonderful Hogwarts party of their own. Here’s How To Throw A Harry Potter Themed Party: (For older Children check out our Fantastic Beasts themed party ideas)

1) Harry Potter Themed Party Cake

We found an amazing vendor that specializes in flowers AND flour-y goodness. Flour and Flowers By MK will blow you away with beautiful, themed children’s cakes and cupcakes, as well as elegant flower decorations and arrangements if you want to inject some sophistication into your event.

2) Harry Potter Themed Party Décor

Find the perfect Harry Potter party aesthetic from Kio Kreations. This dynamic party planner’s daughters are huge Harry Potter fans, so you know that she understands what it takes to transform a space. Other great DIY décor ideas include:

  • Us the Harry Potter Books as Decor– Stack these or place under other decor pieces for added height. 
  • Leave a couple of the illustrated Harry Potter Books lying around open – The images are stunning and guests will love to flip through them! 
  • Provide Felt Ties for the party guests.
  • Play the Harry Potter movies in the background during the party.
  • Have a make your own wands crafting station
Harry Potter Cake Harry Potter Party Yombu
Harry Potter Cake
Harry Potter Decor Harry Potter Party Yombu
Harry Potter Decor
Harry Potter Invitations Harry Potter Party Yombu
Harry Potter Invitations

3) Harry Potter Party Potion Bar

Well, drinks bar. Decant the children’s favorite drinks into various sized and shaped small bottles from thrift stores that can pass as potion bottles. It makes drinking them a touch more magical and exciting and will probably spark some spontaneously odd behaviour from the effects of the liquid formulas.

4) Harry Potter Party Games

Let a professional Yombu party games coordinator lead the children through some fun Harry Potter Party activities:

  • Place Hogwarts house names into a hat and let everyone pull one. Give them a house tie, which the guests can get in on and make first as a fun craft activity. Check out the full tutorial here.
  • Allow guests to pick their wands and let them know what their wands are made of.
  • Play Quidditch

Other Harry Potter Party Activities

Yombu also has absolutely amazing Kids Magicians in the Cities below for hire:

Kids Magicians in Miami
Kids Magicians in Los Angeles
Kids Magicians in New York
Kids Magicians in Boston

Kids Magicians in Chicago
Kids Magicians in on Atlanta

A Kids Magician goes perfectly with the Harry Potter theme, doesn’t it?

Harry Potter Party Games for Adults

Because why shouldn’t the parents also have some fun? If you have parents hanging around at your party that want to join in, some Harry Potter party games for adults can include:

Harry Potter charades

Harry Potter Table Quidditch

Harry Potter Codenames

How To Plan a Harry Potter Themed Party Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

Get all the

Bells & Whistles


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5) Harry Potter Party Invitations

Let Yombu make awesome and memorable invitations for your Harry Potter themed party – get people excited with quizzical instructions for the Hogwarts Express. These digital invitations are easy to do – just fill in your details and let Yombu do all the hard work for you. You get up to 3 revisions if you aren’t happy with the first draft – which they will return within 24 hours, by the way.

6) Harry Potter Themed Events

Did you know that there are some Harry Potter themed experiences that will make for an awesome children’s party? Lonely Planet highlights the Top 10 Harry Potter Experiences Around the World that include The Hogwarts Express, browsing the wizarding world at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and Orlando, and live Harry Potter stage productions.

Leave guests spellbound when you know How To Throw A Harry Potter Themed Party. Try color combinations like white and maroon, or black and gold. It can be simple or sophisticated. We hope it’s a smasher!


What do you eat at a Harry Potter themed party?

Butterbeer flavored everything! Drinks, cakes, cupcakes. Add some pumpkin pastries and good old shepherd’s pie, rock cakes and treacle tarts.

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