How To Plan a Hermés Themed Party

How To Plan a Hermés Themed Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

It’s round two of our glamorous high-end How-To series, where we show you how to throw designer parties. The next fashion force? None other than Hermés – our personal favorite, if we’re honest. The gorgeous warm citrus color that is synonymous with the brand is to die for and makes for a spring season fiesta. This powerhouse designer giant has been going since 1837 and their logo includes an elegant horse and carriage, showing an old world elegance and, of course, a love for horses – does that mean we’ve included some equestrian fun? You bet!

Here’s How To Throw the perfect Hermés themed party:

1) Hermés Themed Party Box Cake And Cupcakes

The famous Hermés box is used to package ties, hats, boots, tableware, jewellery or bags and is either round, rectangular or square. Have your own Hermés (cake) box, with layers of sponged goodness and frosting, because even cakes can be designer. Bobette and Belle will create this masterpiece for you. Surround it with Hermés cupcakes from Gracie Moonpie and dessert styling from Waiting on Martha.

2) Hermés Themed Party Perfumes And Pooches

Bellenza has amazing advice on how to set up a perfume station at your party that all the ladies, young and old alike, can enjoy. Among Hermés lines is various eau de parfum and body balms that smell like pure luxury – you can shop them here. Hemés also does doggie accessories! So, while you might not want to gift your guests with a dog collar, why not run with the concept and hire adorable puppies to run around at your party? Just make sure the area is clearly fenced in so that the cutey pies can’t escape.

Hermés Party Yombu
Hermés Cake
Hermés Party Yombu
Have A Perfume Station
Hermés Party Yombu

3) Hermés Themed Party Food And Flowers

Have flowers everywhere! Cymbidium, purple hydrangeas, pink snapdragons and bamboo leaves; a ceramic vase with a combination of green, yellow, pink and peach roses; pink Gerber daises, purple statice, cymbidium and ornamental flowering cabbage. For food, opt for cheese platters and charcuterie, fruits, bread, biscuits and spreads and delicious dessert courtesy of Gelato-Go will be the perfect sweet balance.

4) Create A Playful Atmosphere

Hermés recently threw their annual party celebration, with the theme ‘Let’s Play!’ As artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas asks, “Doesn’t play itself form the outline of utopia? Could we create, could we invent, could we even just imagine if we didn’t play?” We second that! That’s why a craft station and sand art from Yombu’s team of industry professionals is ideal for precisely the image conjured by Pierre. Nobody is ever too designer to have fun! And because Hermés is known for their love of horses, consider beautiful white ponies and even unicorns from Dreamland Ponies. For more inspo, read about the glitzy beach party Hermés hosted a few years back.

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5) Citrus Balloons And Champers

Non-alcoholic for the kids and alcoholic for the adults. Champagne Bisou does customised glamorous champagne bottles for chic events – like your party. Adorn the ceiling with warm citrus orange balloons with black strings for a pure Hermés look and dot it with blue balloons if you like, another color associated with the brand.

We could go on, but we’ll stop there – there are plenty of ideas on How To Throw A Hermés Themed Party. Remember your scarves and come completely overdressed – it’s glam all the way! Happy partying!


What kinds of games can you play at a Hermés party?

Luxury doesn’t need to be stiff. Go carnival with ring toss, remote control car racing and bowling.

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