How To Plan a Lassie Themed Birthday Party

How To Plan a Lassie Themed Birthday Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

Is your child a dog lover? Then how about we show you How to Throw a great Lassie Themed birthday party! The key is making it fun for everyone, including dogs. Here’s how:

1) Invite Lassie

Invite guests to bring their pooches with – if this won’t cause too much chaos – and to dress them up, if their dog is the sort that likes that kind of thing. It’s okay if none of them own sheepdogs, but if they do, that’s a bonus!

2) Dog Themed Food (for Humans)

Picnics are a great way to serve food, and a beautiful sunny day begs for picnic blankets and pillows. Maybe scrap the pillows if you feel the dogs will just run them over. Having a picnic is a way to continue interaction with the animals and kids alike. Food can be laid out on a picnic table – to avoid being chomped by the dogs – and then guests can take to the lawn for a leisurely lunch. Salads and sandwiches, some grilled steak kebabs, and chips are great picnic options, with some hot dogs or corndogs for any dog, or human, that wants them, and peanut butter cups. Dogs like peanut butter! Have doggie biscuits for the furry guests and plenty of water bowls.

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Lassie Party Yombu
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Lassie Party Yombu
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3) Decorate With Newspaper, Bones and other Dog-Themed Items.

The good las Kara, from Kara’s Party Ideas has done varieties of dog-themed parties and will definitely be able to assist with your Lassie themed décor, if you want to involve a professional.

4) Dog Themed Games

Get the pooches involved in the festivities. See who’s the fastest dog – and owner! – with doggie races, playing fetch with the kids, four-legged races and musical dog beds – this is like musical chairs, but the kids use dog beds, or blankets if you don’t have enough dog beds, and they have to scurry around on all fours. Yombu’s professional entertainers are available for games and other entertainment services, including child minding, in order that your event runs smoothly.

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5) Lassie Invitations

Digital invites for the win! These save time and paper and guests can respond immediately. Yombu can help you out. They have loads of online templates that can be customised according to your Lassie themed party. Just fill in your details and they’ll work their magic and return the final product to you within 24 hours. You can ask for 3 revisions until you’re happy.

Those are some great ideas for How to Throw a Lassie Themed Birthday Party. They will definitely have fun and be happy you tried your best. Good luck!


What do you do at a Lassie party?

You can have a dog crafts section where people can make their own dog-eared had bands, or a barking contest, where the kids show off their best barks.

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