How to Plan a Magical Rapunzel Party

How to Plan a Magical Rapunzel Party by Yombu
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“Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!” Many of us grew up listening to our parents retell the bedtime fairytale of the lonely maiden with luscious long hair atop a tower. Thanks to Disney’s “Tangled,” a new generation of kiddos has learned a modernized version of the classic tale.

It is no surprise then, that the adventurous animated film has inspired countless dress-up and birthday parties! Join me as we explore some fun ideas on how to plan a magical Rapunzel party, including: What decor you should get, the Birthday cake, party food and activities.

Plan A Rapunzel Party Full of Fun and Whimsy

Whimsical Décor

There are many variations on the Rapunzel/Tangled theme you can choose from. Select a character or element from the film to focus on or incorporate a little bit of everything. Either way, you’ll have fun coming up with unique decorating ideas. Here are a few to get you started.

  • Balloons and Lanterns – Hang or float purple, pink, white, and/or yellow balloons or lanterns for a Tangled color scheme. Add flowers to the strings to make it even more feminine.
  • Balloon Decor – Place a balloon arch in the film’s colors above the cake/food table or entrance.
  • Flower Garlands – Add garlands of purple, pink, and white flowers throughout your space for a garden-inspired touch.
  • Frying Pans – Incorporate Rapunzel’s comical weapon of choice in the film as your serverware. Use real frying pans or make your own with black paper plates or platters and glue black plastic forks or knives for handles.
  • Banners – Make purple banners out of construction paper or felt and add glittery golden suns. Hang them on party tables, trees, or doorways to continue with the Corona kingdom theme.
  • Tulle Braids – Make lightweight braids out of yellow tulle to use as centerpieces or as garlands. Add some flowers to continue with the theme.

Having an outdoor late afternoon or early evening party? Lanterns can add a sense of whimsy with the help of LED tealights. You can also paint golden suns, the Corona kingdom’s emblem in the film, onto purple lanterns. Does your kiddo like Pascal, Rapunzel’s adorable pet chameleon? You can add big paper or googly eyes and a red crepe paper tongue to green balloons or lanterns.

Rapunzel / Tangled Decor
Rapunzel Themed Birthday Cake
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A Cake Fit for a Princess

No birthday party is complete without a deliciously magical cake. Luckily, there are many wonderful variations on the Rapunzel theme as well as cake alternatives.

Cake – A tower, golden sun, flower, or Pascal-themed cake is sure to be a hit. Rapunzel-themed cake toppers would also make a great addition to a simple pink, white, or purple two-layer cake.

Doughnut Tower – A glazed doughnut tower secured by toothpicks, skewers, or a pole down the middle and topped with a cupcake decorated as the tower’s top with a sugar cone is sure to be a hit. Bonus points for adding a green candy vine on the side.

Cupcakes – Continuing with the tower theme, upside-down sugar cones covered in purple or pink frosting atop a colorful cupcake can be a great alternative to a large cake.

Cake Pops – These can be so fun and practical for a birthday party. Purple cake pops with the golden sun emblem can be very cute. And who could resist adorable little Pascal as a cake pop?

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Magical Munchies

Continue with the fairytale theme with food and munchies to keep the kiddos fuelled through the festivities.

Boats – Recreate the boat scene from the film with just about any food item. Turn yummy hot dogs, and orange or watermelon wedges into quirky boats by adding purple toothpick flags with the golden Corona sun emblem.

Braided Rolls or Churros – Make braided rolls or delicious churros to extend the Rapunzel braid theme. Yellow licorice would also be great to emulate her braids.

Purple Punch – Buy purple fruit punch or add purple food coloring to a sparkly drink (combine red and blue) to continue with the festive color scheme. Add fruit, such as grapes or watermelon chunks for added fun.

Enchanting Activities

Keep your little guests busy with fun-themed games and activities.

  • Painting Activities – Make a painting station with canvases or tiny lanterns for the kiddos to take home as party favors. Have some samples in the tangled theme they can use for inspiration.
  • Make Your Own Braid – Have pre-made yellow tulle braids or have the little ones make their own. Then have them decorate them with foam flowers. Attach them with rubber bands or bobby pins.
  • Tangled Game – Use yellow crepe paper to have a timed tangly competition. The kiddo who’s most ‘tangled’ wins a prize.
  • Pascal Scavenger Hunt – Buy Pascal figurines or print some out and hide them around. Give out prizes for those who find them or those who find the most.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy planning your magical Rapunzel party and be ready to take lots of pictures!

What day is Rapunzel’s Birthday

There is some debate around when Rapunzel’s Birthday is with some astrologers guessing the day to be May 12th. What we do know is that it is in European (German) Summer and the most likely answer is June 21st which is also Summer Solstice.

How old is Rapunzel in Tangled?

In the Tangled film she is 17 turning 18.

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