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Mermaid Theme Party Ideas by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

Celebrate your little mermaid’s birthday with an oh, so pretty mermaid themed party. Ariel and her talking sea creature friends, Sebastian and Flounder have been a girly favorite since the days of its conception. Today I am covering all the most important Mermaid themed kids Birthday party ideas; the colour scheme, mermaid invites, birthday cake, entertainment, games and activities and whole lot more.. Here’s How To Throw A Mermaid Themed Party for your water baby:

1) Mermaid Themed Party Decor: Color Scheme

The ocean is full of beautiful colors so the options are endless! We particularly love a pink, purple and blue hued aesthetic, with pops of metallic in between! You can literally make it Mermaid Anything – mermaid picnic party, mermaid boho, mermaid and unicorns even. Check out some great combo themes at Kara’s Party Ideas.

2) Mermaid Party Invites

Embark on a magical undersea journey with our Digital Mermaid Invite. Elegantly crafted with enchanting oceanic elements, this invitation ensures a splash of fun for your upcoming celebration.

Our Mermaid themed digital party invitation is easy to customise – just fill in all your party details and download it for only $4.50.

3) Seawater Cake

(That hopefully doesn’t taste like it!)
Well, with our professional cake masters, we know that your cake will be as delish as it is good to look at! Some inspo for your mermaid or seawater cake can include lovely ombre effects to replicate the rolling waves like this creation by Martin Samiento. Or head to Sweet n Saucy Shop for stunning sponged delights.

Mermaid Party Decor Mermaid Party Yombu
Choose Your Color Scheme
Mermaid Cake Mermaid Party Yombu
Mermaid Cake
Ariel Little Mermaid for Hire in New York Yombu Mermaid Party
Invite Ariel

4) Mermaid Themed Party Character

Yombu knows Ariel the Little Mermaid and they can let her know that you’re having a party! Their party characters for hire are prompt, professional and a pure delight to have at your party. You can book Ariel to come to your party in most Major US Cities.

Plus, the booking process is really simple and can be done online from your Yombu account – and if you need to reschedule? You can do that too, quickly and easily. You’re in complete control of your party, which is what makes Yombu’s marketplace of party pros so awesome.

5) Little Mermaid Themed Party Costumes

If you have a photo booth (but even if you don’t), treat guests to sweet mermaid-inspired costumes so that each can feel like a mermaid for the day, and grab a selfie with Ariel while they’re at it!

6) Mermaid Party Activities

Let the girls get decorative with an art station of paints, brushes and mermaid canvases. These can double as party favors for the kids to take home. If you want an extra artistic boost, and to add to the mermaid costumes, Yombu has some awesome professional face-painters on hand that can get the color flowing.

Mermaid Theme Party Ideas Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

Thats Super

Easy to


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7) Mermaid Birthday Party Games

Any swimming or water game will be a hit. Here are some of my favourite ideas that you can try at your party:

  • Save the Sea Creatures – Place sea creature toys on the ground and have players gather around, holding a blue vinyl table cloth or sheet over it. They shake the sheet to make ‘waves’. Then call out one of the mermaids to rescue a sea creature and toss it back in the ocean (the top of the sheet). The players holding the sheet must continue shaking but not let the creatures fall off. The game ends once all the sea creatures have been rescued.
  • Mermaid Bingo or Tail Toss with bean bags – find it on Amazon.
  • Squirt Gun Knock-Down – pile blue paper cups in a pyramid and shoot them down with water guns, easy peasy!
  • Seaweed Limbo – tie different shades of green ribbon to a broom stick and play songs from the Little Mermaid as kids try to shimmy under. It’s okay if they touch the seaweed, just not the stick.
  • Make blue slime – and then add it to a bag or bowl and drop toy fish in it! Here’s a guide for you.

Make a splash with our pro tips on How To plan a Mermaid Themed Party – as you can see, it’s super simple! Especially with professional entertainment available from the Yombu marketplace and suppliers who can lend a helping hand in giving your cake and decor that finishing touch.


What are some great Mermaid Birthday Party venues?

1. Swim schools. Make the perfect venue and generally have done something similar in the past. Plus you can hire an instructor to supervise your little mermaids in the pool.
2. Aquariums. Most aquariums have a party room that you can rent and being around Ariels sea creatures friends in real life is an amazing experience.
3. The Beach. If you are fortunate enough to live on the coast, the beach is an ideal (and free) venue for a Mermaid themed Birthday bash.

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