How To Plan a Moroccan Themed Party

How To Plan a Moroccan Themed Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

A Moroccan themed party might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are trying to dream up the best ideas for your child’s upcoming party, but it works! You can make it mature for an older child, or chill it out for a younger one, and even add some Aladdin elements, such as cute character costumes. If your child’s name is Lawrence, even better. (For those who didn’t get it, think Lawrence of Arabia)

Anyway… here’s How To Throw A Moroccan Themed Party:

1) Moroccan Party Decorations

For a Moroccan themed party, floor seating is a must – bonus points if you can host this outside. Rugs, pillows and cushions make for a comfy, chilled vibe, and colorful fabrics for the pillow and table covers in pink, orange, blue, red and green lend to an exotic feel. Remember lots of gold and brass – lanterns, candle holders, even some genie lamps, if you can. Set up a tent! Go wild. Let a pro help you if you get stuck – Dream & Party will set up the whole shebang for you, tents and all.

2) Moroccan Themed Cake and Food

Buffet all the way! Lots of dips, breads, and kebabs. If the kids like it, serve green tea with mint, which is Morocco’s most popular drink. Otherwise, for a sweeter alternative, some flavoured iced teas make for a refreshing addition to a summer party. Kid World Citizen has great ideas for sweet Moroccan treats that kids will enjoy. Renee Connor Cake shows off a beautiful Moroccan cake in her portfolio – check her out for custom yum.

Moroccan Party Yombu
Themed Cake
Moroccan Party Yombu
Moroccan Picnic
Moroccan Party Yombu
Party Characters

3) Invite Aladdin

And Jasmine! Especially if your child is an Aladdin fan, this Moroccan party will be about more than chicken on a stick. Yombu knows a few amazing party characters that can entertain your children while you sip some tea. Chat live to entertainers, book entertainment, and get amazing advice right here! Everything is managed online from your Yombu account, putting you in total control of booking.

4) Activities

Henna! Belly dancing! We’re not sure how the boys would feel about this but hiring a belly dancer to demonstrate and teach the girls, at least, might be a fun idea. Perhaps the parents would like a hookah, but if it’s a smoke-free zone, some Bollywood music and jingle-jangle dancing will work wonderfully. Here are some more Moroccan themed activities I love:

How To Plan a Moroccan Themed Party Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

Thats Super

Easy to


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5) Invitations

Get everybody stirred up for some Arabian nights with a colorful digital invitation from Yombu. Make your wish, take 3 rubs of the lamp and poof! Okay, in plain English – enter your details onto their online form, and receive the completed invitation within 24 hours, with the option to make up to 3 revisions.

For How To Throw A Moroccan Themed Party – or any party, in fact – Yombu’s got your back, Jack! We hope you enjoy shaking those hips and eating delicious food. Happy dancing!


How do you dress Moroccan?

Think kaftans or takshitas – but you don’t necessarily have to go with these styles. Flowy materials and bright colors and patterns are synonymous with Moroccan attire.

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