Yombu Kids Party Blog How To Plan a Nautical Themed Birthday Party in 2023

How To Plan a Nautical Themed Birthday Party in 2023

Don’t want to just have a pool party? Make the entire event ocean themed with our advice on How To…
Yombu Blog How To Plan a Nautical Themed Birthday Party in 2023

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Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole  |  Last updated:  November 17, 2023

Does party planning make you want to run for the nearest island and stay there? There’s no need to fear, matey. We know How To Throw A Nautical Themed Birthday Party so it’s smooth sailing from here on out. So, push up your sunglasses and let’s dive in.

1) Fishy Décor

A nautical theme is sea oriented so of course the décor needs to incorporate all its living creatures as well. Party Cheap hosts the following popular nautical themed decorations: lighthouse and seagull cut-outs, an anchor, life preservers, lobster glasses, and white sailor hats, among others. You can check out more on their website – plus they ship for free on orders over $39.99. If you don’t want to party cheaply, any number of event planners could knock a nautical theme out of the ocean for you.

2) Head Outdoors For Games

Water toy races and tug of war are popular games for nautical themed parties. These work best outdoors. A treasure hunt is also a great idea, and you can also provide something more challenging for older kids by demonstrating nautical knots and then having them attempt to replicate them. Yombu’s party game coordinators will round up the children for an hour of hilarious and interactive games, so consider hiring them so that you don’t have to get all sweaty with the kids. A hop into the pool afterwards would be top prize.

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3) Nautical Party Favors

Filling small treasure chests or sail boats with loot for guests will add a personal touch for take-home gifts. A compass, chap stick, sunglasses, a small fan or saltwater taffy are great ideas. Kate Aspen also has amazing, elegant party favor options such as lanterns, coasters and frosted glass votives.

4) Sea Food

Okay, so fish is not everyone’s favorite flavor in the world. But besides fish sticks and calamari, goldfish crackers, coleslaw, fruit kebabs and macaroni and cheese with shell pasta are yummy alternatives for those whose stomachs churn at the thought of seafood. If you want to try your hand at a nautical cake, Betty Crocker has an easy-peasy recipe that you can whip up with white cake mix and select food gel coloring in nautical colors. For out of this world cake toppers, Crumb Avenue creates unbelievable decorations and can show you how to do it too.  

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5) All Aboard

Find online invitation template treasure with Yombu. Fill in your coordinates and they’ll have 3 tries to find you before you tell them to walk the plank. Okay, basically, you fill in your deets and they’ll return the invitation to you within 24 hours, after which, if you aren’t happy with it, they’ll make up to 3 revisions for you. Simple!

There you have it, sailors – How To Throw A Nautical Themed Birthday Party. When it comes to party planning, we’re always here to throw you a life raft with our range of industry info and expert advice. Happy sailing! 


What are nautical colours?

The ocean and its vast array of underwater wildlife and plants allow for a wide variety of colors, but the most popular are: deep blue, navy, red, black, white, turquoise, sand or khaki, brick, cream, sea green, sky blue, yellow, and shades of gray.

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