How To Plan a Paddington Bear Themed Party

How To Plan a Paddington Bear Themed Party by Yombu
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Who doesn’t love the adorable Paddington Bear? You can easily DIY a Paddington inspired giant marmalade sandwich cake, and use felt to decorate the table, to resemble Paddington’s coat. Throw in some coat and hat cut-outs and some shades of blue, yellow and red and you know How To Throw A Paddington Bear Themed Party.

1) Paddington Bear Cake

Paddington Bear love marmalade and always has a sandwich tucked under his arm for ‘emergencies’. You can make this simple, yet delicious giant marmalade sandwich cake at home – and we bet your kids will love it!

2) (Extra) Paddington Themed Party Decor

Go all out with this one! Umbrellas from the ceiling, British flags, gigantic red telephone booth filled with plush Paddington bears to take home as party favors and pale blue wooden utentils. You can get plenty of inspo at Kara’s Party Ideas. My Balloons Décor in Orlando does amazing balloon installations, customised to your aesthetic, that will just make your party pop. Vintage suitcases make a nice touch too.

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Paddington Party Yombu
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3) Paddington Themed Party Games

Guess the number of bears in a jar: stuff a marmalade jar with gummi bears and whoever guesses most accurately wins the lot.

  • Memory Game: Get a print out or find mini items related to Paddington Bear – it could be pictures of the hat, raincoat, sandwiches, or little toys related to the book/movie. Lay them on a tray, give kids a second or two to look at everything, and then make them write the items down. Or show them the pictures and hide the matching picture somewhere and they have to hunt the picture down.
  • Musical hats: Paddington is rarely without his hat, so play a game around it. Gather all the hats in the house and when the music stops, each child has to grab and wear one. Last to grab is out.

4) Build Your Own Bear

DIY bear! And it’s a great way to get guests interacting, especially 3-5 year olds. Collect empty toilet rolls, and lots of colored paper/felt in the theme colors and race the kids into building a ‘toilet roll Paddington Bear’. Or better yet – head to the Build A Bear store in Florida Mall for a true bear building experience. They also have at-home party boxes.

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5) Have A Paddington Picnic

Head outdoors! Yombu knows where you can find amazing venues in your area – picnics, water parks, gardens. Take all the games and food outdoors, red hats and all, and invite some of Yombu’s entertainers to coordinate the games, or just to child-mind while the adults go for a walk in the sunshine.

It’s super easy to know How To Throw A Paddington Bear Themed Party – especially with Yombu on your side to bring you all the necessary insider info into what makes a party great. We hope you enjoy your party experience, and remember, pinkies up!


What type of marmalade does Paddington eat?

Though marmalade was originally made from quinces, folks insist that Seville oranges are the proper marmalade, and certainly Paddington’s preference.

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