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How To Plan a Princess Party

Make the little ones feel like royalty with our epic guide on How To Throw the best Princess Party ever.…
Yombu Blog How To Plan a Princess Party

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Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole  |  Last updated:  November 17, 2023

Princesses are the definition of royalty. They’re beautiful, they’re graceful and they’re always dressed to the nines. So why not throw your little one a princess party? If you’ve got a little girl who dreams of being a princess, then it’s time to get creative with all things royal. Here’s How To Throw A Princess Party for your little girl where we showcase our favourite: Princess decor ideas, party favors, food, entertainment, activities and games.

1) Princess Decorations

When it comes to decorating, you should use a variety of colors, textures and shapes. If you’re a DIYer, you might want to make your own decorative elements like banners or crowns out of felt or paper plates with glitter glued on them. These decorations can be made in advance so they don’t take up any extra time during the party itself! We also love Birthday in a Box, because you can get all your themed supplies in one place.

2) Princess Party Favors

You can add a little extra magic with these sweet favors.

  • Princess crowns are the perfect girlie touch for your princess party. They come in a variety of colors and styles and are easy to find at your local party store or craft store.
  • Princess pens make great favors for any princess party. You can buy them from our friends at Birthday in a Box. They’re also available on Amazon in packs of 16 for just under $20.
  • These stickers would make great additions to any favor bag. They’re adorable but not too complicated so that you don’t have to worry about kids losing pieces or having too many small pieces fall off before they get home (or worse yet, before their parents see what cool loot their child has gotten).
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Princess Face-Painting

3) Princess Food

Food is an important part of any party, but it can be difficult to plan when you’re hosting a princess-themed event. You want your guests to have fun, but you also need to keep in mind that they’ll be wearing their formal attire and may not want to get their fancy clothes dirty!

Here are a few tips for selecting food that’s easy on the go:

  • Keep it simple. While there are plenty of foods that fit the bill (think finger sandwiches and bite-sized pastries), if you choose something like pizza or chicken nuggets, make sure you buy enough pieces so everyone has some at each table setting.
  • Serve foods that don’t require utensils such as candy apples with chocolate dip (instead of caramel), fruit kebabs, cupcakes, lollipops . . . you get the idea!
  • Yummy, colourful snacks like gummies and decadent ice cream sundaes – especially build your own! – are also great additions, particularly if its hot out.
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4) Princess Party Activities and Party Games

Princess parties are all about the little ones, and that means you need to make sure they’re having a great time. If your party is at home, you can fit most of the games into one room. If not, plan on having a few activities outside so there’s room for everyone to play together.

We dig What’s Your Style? Each guest gets two minutes to style herself up like a different type of princess (you’ll probably want an adult helper with this one). Then she tells everyone what kind it was—what did she wear? How did her hair look? Her makeup? Etc.—and everyone guesses which one it was based on her description until someone gets it right. You can also incorporate a professional face-painter from Yombu on this one to kick it up a notch – their trained artists can transform your little one’s face into any of their favourite Disney princesses and add an element of sophistication to your child’s style. These entertainment services suit both indoor and outdoor parties.

5) Guest Appearance

If you want to throw the ultimate princess party, it’s important to make your guests feel like royalty. One way to do that is by inviting a princess or two to your party! Yombu has quite a few Princesses who they could bring along to your party. At a princess party, who doesn’t want to dance with real-life royalty? Just imagine how your little girl will feel when Elsa shows up on your doorstep. It’s the best surprise ever – plus you’ll be the coolest parent for having such connections.

6) Princess Invitation Ideas

The fabulous folks at Yombu have a team of creative designers who put together an adorable digital princess invite (Image on the left) that you can download at no cost.

Our Princess invitation costs $4.50 and takes only a couple of seconds to add your party details to and then download, it is the perfect way to kick off a royal Princess party in spectacular style.

Now you know how to throw a princess party every princess is sure to enjoy! We hope this post was helpful to you and that you now have an idea of what the perfect princess party looks like. So, go ahead and start planning your next big event with all those little princesses in mind! For more specific princess themed posts, look no further. Yombu is the ultimate Disney princess birthday party blog spot!


What do you do at a princess party?

Try classic party games with a princess twist – musical thrones, princess statues, the king says, and kiss the frog.

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