How To Plan a Save The Planet Recycling Party

How To Plan a Save The Planet Recycling Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

Grab some reflector jackets, caps and eco friendly tableware and you have yourself a recycling party! What? No, really. What could be more unique, educational and fun all rolled into one than a Save The Planet Recycling Party? Don’t despair – they won’t be any smelly garbage or earthworms crawling around. We’ll show you How To Smash A Save The Planet Recycling Party which makes superheroes out of all of us.

1) Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

Balloon décor specialists can create amazing installations to accommodate just about any theme on the planet. Think trash (balloons) coming out of cans – they can source all the props necessary to make the setting as believable as possible. Yombu can put you in touch with amazing balloon artists who will entertain the children with unique balloon twisting – they can create garbage truck balloons that the children will love! Plus they use 100% biodegradable balloons.

2) The Color Palette

It needn’t be all soil and sand. Think green garbage truck and recycling logos and opt for various shades of green, with some blue, brown and yellow thrown in. Trees represent our greener tomorrow so having plenty of natural greenery around makes for easy party decorations – plus they just look so light and fresh. A good idea would be to have this outside if the weather allows.

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3) Tin Can Toss and More

Some good party games can make or break your event, especially because guests will always remember how much fun they had. So rev up the excitement with some tin can toss, where the kids will try to knock the top can down from the pile, or a trash toss – this is actually harder, depending on the type of trash you wish to use to aim at the trash can. Using papery objects makes it much harder to execute your aim. If you want to get the kids excited to clean up, seeing who can pick up the most trash in a minute is one way of teaching them that cleaning up is good!

4) Bury Your Tableware

Compostable plates, silverware and cups are made from plants like cornstarch and sugar cane. When these items break down in a compost pile, they add nutrients to the soil. You can purchase these items at your local grocery store or you can create them yourself. Compostable plates are a great way to reduce waste because you won’t have to throw any away after your party is over!

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5) Let Everyone Bring An Item To Recycle

Have everyone bring an old item to recycle and turn it into a new item. The key is that the object needs to be something you can use again, as well as recycle. It should also not be too heavy or light for anyone to lift (like a large piece of furniture). If you’re holding this at home, then consider having your guests bring items like plastic bottles or tin cans; if you’re holding it at work or school, then consider having them bring cardboard boxes instead.

That’s it! Now you know everything you need to on How To Smash A Save The Planet Recycling party. We hope these tips will inspire you to create a more sustainable lifestyle, even in small ways like using reusable plates instead of disposable ones or taking shorter showers. Recycling is fun!


How do you encourage friends to recycle?

1. Scout the ‘hood for recycling bins.
2. Get recyclable items in supermarkets.
3. Encourage people to use material shopping bags instead of plastic ones

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