How To Plan a Soda Shoppe Gumball Party

How To Plan a Soda Shoppe Gumball Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

The time of polka dots and cute ankle socks with patent leather shoes, roller skates and diner waitresses in pink ruffled aprons – the 1950s. Besides adorable pigtails for girls and slicked back hair for boys, ala John Travolta from Grease, this vintage themed Soda Shoppe Gumball Party is a throwback to the Bop for folks too! Maybe a separate party for the ‘rents is in order? Anyhow, without further ado, here’s How To Rock A Soda Shoppe Gumball Party.

1) Go Full On Diner Girl (Waitress)

It might sound a bit extra, but if you can afford to hire a waitress to don a 50s diner girl outfit and wait on the kids with trays of milkshakes, it might be worth it for a more comprehensive party theme. We’re pretty sure that Yombu’s entertainers know a thing or two about roller-skating and staying upright with a tray of strawberry milkshakes in vintage Coca Cola glasses and striped straws. These party pros have some of the best in the biz.

2) 1950s Soda Shoppe Decorations

This DIY 50s soda shoppe décor from Amazon makes for less fuss in a busy parent’s schedule. However, a truly amazing retro aesthetic can be achieved by letting one of these professionals do it – Jennifer Carver from Banner Events or Krista from Hoopla Events, who also knows where to get great baking cups, plates, paper straws and gumball tubes.

Soda Shoppe Gumball Party Yombu
Delicious Milkshakes
Soda Shoppe Gumball Party Yombu
Themed Outfits
Soda Shoppe Gumball Party Yombu
Gumball Cake

3) Gumball Cake

Speaking of, we combined our two favourite vintage inspired themes, soda shoppe and gumball, so the gumball of yesteryear can take the cake on this one, because we have to give it some spotlight. No 50s party is complete without bubble gum. Even cooler is a gumball machine cake, with real gumballs in an enticing glass globe atop your sugary delight. Sweet Passion Cakery knows all about this game!

4) Have A Dress Code

Of course, the little ones should dress the part! These aspiring Sandy’s and Danny’s might just burst into song midway through the party – Grease karaoke, anyone? It can be as simple as a white t-shirt, blue jeans and dark sunglasses for the boys, and pink tutu skirts from Atutudes, with white t-shirts and adorable black polka dot scarves for the girls. Pigtails encouraged, of course!

How To Plan a Soda Shoppe Gumball Party Yombu Events
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5) Retro Invitations

It all starts here, doesn’t it? Get guests inspired with the perfect invitation from Yombu. You can opt for any colours of your choosing, depending on whether its for a boy or girl, and they will create a custom digital invitation to get your guests revved for the 50s fête. Then all that’s left is to send it right to your guest’s inbox – no fussing with papers and printing.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect party theme, now you know all about How To Rock A Soda Shoppe Gumball Party – this nostalgic theme will have even the adults doing the jitterbug.


What do you serve at a 50s party?

The era of the diner is all about hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries. Soda floats, sundaes and banana splits make for delicious dessert.

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