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How To Plan A Tiffany Themed Party

This one’s for the lovers of up-dos, little black dresses and that iconic robin egg blue. It’s How To Throw…
Yombu Blog How To Plan A Tiffany Themed Party

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Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole  |  Last updated:  November 17, 2023

Tiffany! Our favorite lady. The iconic luxury jewellery and specialty retailer has been in the business of fine goods since 1837, when it was founded in New York, one of the fashion capitals of the world. Known by a beautiful light medium robin egg blue, Tiffany is synonymous with elegant simplicity that shows that fashion need not be difficult and has been promoted by style icons such as Hailey Bieber and Beyoncé.

For our next instalment in our popular designer party series, we thought it would be an adorable combination to marry another Tiffany into the party mix to produce the ultimate in chic and sophistication – a Tiffany Themed Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party, with Audrey Hepburn and that signature blue décor. Here’s How To Throw your Tiffany Themed Party:

1) Blue, Baby, Blue

Yes, we have to have blue. Crowning Details is an expert at throwing a Tiffany’s party and can help you out with all your styling needs, from balloons, to white floral arrangements, Tiffany blue chair ties, glamorous strands of pearls for decorate the dessert table and diamond band napkin rings. Hiring a professional to decorate your venue is such a stress-saver and spares you having to do all the running around yourself. You’re in good hands! To add some DIY elements, grab faux Tiffany blue hydrangeas, table runner and diamond backdrop from Amazon.

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2) Give The Ladies A Spritz

If you can splurge on a few Tiffany perfumes as gifts, that’s fabulous. For those on a simpler budget, perhaps one bottle of Tiffany’s Rose Gold eau de parfum and a welcome spritz can still make guests feel special. The fragrance is a delicate mix of blackcurrant and pink pepper, with lychee fruit for a playful edge, and ambrette seed, with musk and iris forming a warm base.

3) Snack And Food Tips

Keep it simple! Think small bites. It would be easy to keep on theme while providing things like tea sandwiches or small appetizers. That way people can eat, mix, mingle and have fun. Or, you could go the opposite and do a totally formal sit down dinner. Bubblegum milkshakes are an excellent idea because they’re on color theme. Throw in some light fruit juices, sodas and water – drunk out of tea cups! Heavenly Bite Bakery does bedazzled wedding cakes and can easily smash a Tiffany themed cake for your event – just add blue!

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4) Party Favors

While you might not be able to buy guests a real Tiffany box, you can find Tiffany Blue boxes online and fill them with sweets, or fake rings. Another great party favor would be faux pearl necklaces in packs of 24, which can be reused for a Great Gatsby party, or given to guests in doubles if you want to get rid of them all at once. Get your Holly Golightly outfits on Etsy.

5) Activities

Yombu has amazing professionally trained entertainers that can guide the kids through a variety of Tiffany inspired party games and activities such as balloon art, face-painting and magic shows. Their balloon artists can create spectacular themed balloon works, or paint delicate patterns on their faces in Tiffany colors. Ramp up the glamour by inviting a party character princess to your party – request Holly Golightly herself! It will be a wonderful surprise for the birthday child.

Tiffany’s – a girl’s best friend. So, invite your friends over to celebrate life, friendship and special events with our guide on How To Throw A Tiffany Themed Party. As always, there’s loads more where that came from. Your friends will love the simple elegance of this theme, and anything can be Tiffanied with a dash of blue. Enjoy!


What do you do at a Tiffany party?

You can make your Tiffany party a themed sleepover, with the iconic sleep mask and ear plugs, and themed decor. In Your Dreams Sleepover has great packages available – check them out here.

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