How To Plan a TikTok Themed Party

How To Plan a TikTok Themed Party by Yombu
Last updated: February 10, 2023

TikTok is a hit, we can’t deny it. This video sharing app has over 700 million users! Since it’s bigger than Instagram and Snapchat combined, we thought that showing you How To Throw A TikTok Party could make you quite popular with your friends.

1) TikTok Party Favors

This isn’t just any type of party favor – it’s buying trending products from brands who have partnered with TikTok and using them as take-home gifts. You can select anything from food and drink brands, homeware, fashion, beauty and entertainment. Check out The Social Shepherd for more info.

2) TikTok Activities

If you’re having a TikTok themed party, you HAVE to do a dance video – get some inspo here. You can make it a competition, or just do it for fun – and post it. Other fun TikTok themed activities include Musical Statues, Guess The TikToker and Finish The Line (of famous TikTok quotes). You can also find a fun TikTok quiz here.

Do A TikTok Dance
TikTok Shop TikTok Party Yombu
TikTok Party Shop
TikTok Cake TikTok Party Yombu
TikTok Cake

3) TikTok Cake

Yes, you have to have cake. And the TikTok colors are so bright and fun that this cake will look too yummy to eat. Gardenia’s Custom Cakes and The Sugar Bug can create marvellous spongey centrepieces for your dessert table!

4) Order A Cameo

A wonderful gift to the birthday child will be to order a Cameo from their favorite TikToker for a personalised message. You can order messages from actors, athletes, musicians – and feel very special on your big day!

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5) TikTok Invitations

Find influential invitation templates with Yombu. They can digitize your chosen theme and return the final draft within 24 hours – all you need to do is fill in your details on a short online form. Consider hiring their pro entertainment to help with amazing activities like balloon art, face-painting, party games and magic shows – all videoable and postable!

You might not ever think of doing something as simple as hosting a TikTok party, but with our tips on How To Throw A TikTok Themed Party, you can see that this popular app can definitely be used to create a rocking event. Happy TikTokking!


Where can I get TikTok party decor?

Pinterest and Etsy are great resources for TikTok themed décor, boxed and shipped to your door. Get a complete décor package – 138 pieces in total – from Amazon, that includes tableware, banners and balloons.

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