How To Plan a Titanic Themed Birthday Party

How To Plan a Titanic Themed Birthday Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 17, 2023

If you’re looking for tips on How to throw a Titanic Themed Birthday Party – especially at the last minute, this article will show you how to make it happen. Not only that, but we’ll also give you some tips on making your party even better.

1) Opt For An Outdoor Party

It isn’t that if you have the party indoors that it won’t be just as fabulous. The Titanic did sink in April after all, and it wasn’t exactly always smoldering outside. But this is a kids party, and if they can have some space, then go for it. You can still dress up your indoors with plants and fairy lights, and some old school 1912 props, if you can find them, like candelabras. This can spill out onto the porch, where the food and activities happen.

2) The Decor And Snacks

You don’t have to go full on first class seated dinner for your child’s birthday if you’re on a tight budget – tables decked with elegant linens and finger foods will be just as great. Deep burgundies and carefully selected table décor will give the aesthetic a luxurious feel, even if you are serving casual food. Kids love hot dogs and chicken nuggets, so feel free to keep with these simple snacks. If you invite parents too, then an adult snack table with things like sushi, or mini quiches, can be arranged – and if the kids like these too, then all the better. Use plastic wine glasses to serve drinks. Offer the guests mini chocolate bars in gold foil and pretty packaging as party favors, or simply wrap in brown paper and tie with twine. Sunshine Parties offers amazing décor – check them out!

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3) Get An Iceberg

At a Titanic themed birthday party, you need an iceberg. LA Ice are pros at this! They can carve anything out of ice, and since the iceberg is really just a jagged lump of it, they will definitely smash this, no problem! Alternatively, you could hire a blow-up iceberg to put in the pool. Check with your local bounce house rental company if they do anything like Alibaba’s climbable iceberg pool float. It’s pretty pricey to purchase, so hiring is much better. It’s also quite huge, so make sure the pool is big enough – the kids need somewhere to land.

4) Walk The Plank

Though this might be generally thought of as a pirate themed party game, walking the plank can be done at a Titanic themed birthday party too. Rose did hang over the side of the ship after all. Just make sure the plant isn’t set up too high so that children don’t hurt themselves if they fall. You can also have a treasure hunt to find the Heart Of The Ocean. You can find imitation necklaces on Amazon.

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5) Dress Up And Music

Encourage guests to dress up, but don’t prescribe a specific character. Tell them they can opt for first class or third class passengers, waiters, musicians, or any of the sort of people that travelled and worked on the Titanic. This will ensure a great mix of characters at your party. Play music from 1912 – on old vinyl records if you can – or even go all out and hire a string quartet!

These tips will help you throw a Titanic themed birthday party that’s simple to set up, but still looks impressive. There are tons of helpful resources out there (like this blog). Happy partying.


What kinds of décor can I have at a Titanic Party?

If you’re going fancy, then tulle, white roses, and ribbon is great. Try place cards in fancy font, and little white star line symbols just like from the real Titanic.

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