How To Plan a Toy Story Themed Party in 2023

How To Plan a Toy Story Themed Party in 2023 by Yombu
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Get out in the summer sunshine and know How To Throw A Toy Story Themed Party – we’re here to give you all the helpful hints and supplier information to make your party planning journey easier. So, saddle up and let’s go!

1) Invitations

Let people know that ‘you’ve got a friend in me’ with awesome Toy Story themed invitations. Digital is the way to go – Yombu has professional graphic designers who can assist with creating the perfect invitation to entice guests to come to your party. All that’s required of you is to fill in your event details on the Yombu marketplace and they’ll send back the final product within 24 hours!

2) Toy Story Cake

A Woody cake, a Buzz Lightyear cake, or a combination of the two, or even any of your other favorite toy story characters will work wonderfully. A party has to have cake! Los Angeles is littered with amazing bakeries that can create adorable themed children’s cakes, and most definitely can produce a wonderful Toy Story themed cake:

Butter Cake Shoppe
Cake and Art
Piece of Cake
Mwokaji Cakery

Toy Story Cake Toy Story Party Yombu
Toy Story Cake
Outdoor Party Venues Toy Story Party Yombu
Outdoor Venues
Party Games Coordinator Toy Story Party Yombu
Party Games Coordinator

3) Find A Great Party Venue

Be a cowboy and visit a farm or woodsy outdoor party venue that allows for the perfect Toy Story environment. Never mind playing in Andy’s room – the boys are heading for the lassos! We’ve rustled up some of our favorites:

Elkus Ranch
Hidden Hills
Gilchrist Farm
Bale of Fun Farm

Pet animals, chill on bales of hay, wear a cowboy hat, go on tractor rides and paint ponies (not real ones, of course).

4) Toy Story Decor

Let Creative Touch make a rodeo out of whichever party venue you choose, even if you have the event in the comfort of your own home. For a glimpse of what he can do, check out this Toy Story themed party, including some amazing vendors involved – here’s a sneak peek:

Kids Furniture : Evolution Event Rentals
Drapes : Perez Events
Wood sheriff pins : HC By Alexandra
Favor Boxes : Mint and Craft

How To Plan a Toy Story Themed Party in 2023 Yombu Events
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Get all the

Bells & Whistles


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5) Get Someone To Round ‘Em Up

Yombu has entertainment staff on hand to uh, rein the kids in, so that you don’t have to. Whether its coordinating the party games, adding some balloon twisting or face-painting, or simply minding them so that you can put your boots up, their team of professionals aim to provide relief to parents who have had a busy road planning this special event. Which is hopefully a lot easier now thanks to our tips and tricks! Book online in only a couple of minutes, chat live to entertainers and more! Hire a Party Character to organise some Toy Story themed games in any of the Cities below by clicking on one of the links here:

So (cow)boys and girls, that concludes How To Throw A Toy Story Themed Party. Don’t forget to add a good dress up to the list and some country style grubaliciousness. You can’t go wrong with some fresh air, horses and delicious cake. Enjoy!


What do you do at a Toy Story party?

Some classics include a You’ve Got a Friend In Me 3-legged race, hot Mr Potato, Woody says and alien egg and spoon race.

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