How To Plan a Tutti Frutti Pineapple Party

How To Plan a Tutti Frutti Pineapple Party by Yombu
Last updated: February 10, 2023

Pineapple parties are a great way to celebrate any occasion. They’re fun and fruity, which means everyone will have a great time. We’ve put together some fabulous ideas for How To Throw your own Tutti Frutti Pineapple Party with everything you need for the perfect outdoor evening or indoor event: from invitations to food, decor and activities!

1) Pineapple Party Invites

If you’re short on time but still want to send an invitation that looks like it came straight out of a tropical paradise, there are plenty of pre-made invitations available online that can be printed out or sent digitally via email. Yombu partners with amazing digital wizards to create the perfect online invitation.

2) Pineapple Party Food

Pineapple everything! Okay, maybe if that’s a bit of overkill for you, then mix it up by adding other fruits, like strawberry and papaya. You can get literally anything in pineapple flavor, but you need not stick only to sweet treats. You can still get some yummy pineapple pizza and serve it with a great fruit salad, with a mix of your favorite fruits. Kiss My Cakes does a scrumptious pineapple flavor, but they also do coconut, blueberry, raspberry and lemon. A beautiful pineapple sorbet can cool the kids down, along with some pineapple juice.

Tutti Frutti Pineapple Party Yombu
Pineapple Invitations
Tutti Frutti Pineapple Party Yombu
Pineapple Party Food
Tutti Frutti Pineapple Party Yombu
Pineapple Party Decor

3) Pineapple Party Decorations and Activities

Hold up – amazing pineapple décor loading! Via Blossom has amazing pineapple themed décor:

Citrus Plates and Napkins

Pineapple cups and Coconut Cups

Tutti Frutti balloon Garland

Fruit Balloon set

Fruit Straws 

For some easy to hire colorful chairs, check out kids chairs from Cal Jumps or Bay Area Event Rentals. Other cool ideas include a giant slip ‘n slide, hoola hoop competitions and doing the limbo for a great Hawaiian vibe. If you want the Midas touch, Wonderfully Made Events does awesome event styling.

4) Pineapple Party Favors

Fill them gift bags with pineapple and other fruity snacks. Think snack bars and gummies, and some dried pineapple chips. That’s It does amazing fruit bars that are nothing but fruit – they even tell you on the wrapper how much of each is in the bar. They do an apple and pineapple bar, and also many other varieties with cherry, coconut, mango, fig and date. They also happen to have some crunchy snacks with seeds – bonus! All products are sugar free and vegan.

How To Plan a Tutti Frutti Pineapple Party Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

Get all the

Bells & Whistles


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5) Have A Pro Entertainer

This needn’t be a stressful endeavor. Yombu has teams of professionally trained children’s entertainers who are awesomely proficient in things like balloon art, magic shows and face-painting. They will keep the kiddos busy for 1-1.5 hours with the option to book additional time. They arrive early, are always bubbly and put you at ease that your party is in good hands.

So that’s How you Throw A Tutti Frutti Pineapple Party, y’all! Happy hoola hooping!


What fruit pairs well with pineapple?

Pineapple pairs well other other tropical fruits such as orange, lime, banana, coconut and strawberry. Make a yummy fruit salad!

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