How To Plan a Unicorn Themed Birthday Party in 2024

How To Plan a Unicorn Themed Birthday Party in 2024 by Yombu
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Little girls love unicorn parties! Unicorns bring a sense of magic – and color! – to a party. And have you seen how adorable a unicorn cake is? Almost too beautiful to eat! Speaking of, that’s precisely why we’re here, to show you How To Throw A Unicorn Themed Party, complete with that amazing unicorn cake, décor, games and other creative ideas for a day your child will remember forever.

1) The Unicorn Birthday Party Cake

We have to begin with the cake! The cake is the centerpiece of the entire food table, and the food item guests look forward to most. Our favorite? This stunning creation by Sassy Cakes – its colorful rose mane, and sprinkles, with a brilliant golden horn, will make your guests go wow! You can choose one of nine different flavors, with a variety of sizes, ranging up to fifty servings.

2) Unicorn Birthday Party Decor

A few rainbow accents do well at a unicorn themed party. Unicorn and rainbow props, or some golden streamers for a touch of glam will elevate your party look to the next level. If you want a pro to help you out, Mini-Maniacs does bespoke kids party styling for any theme imaginable. Want to try your hand at making your own balloon arch? Check out this tutorial.

Unicorn Kids Party Yombu
Unicorn Decor
Unicorn Kids Party Yombu
Unicorn Face-Paint
Unicorn Kids Party Yombu
Unicorn Games

3) Unicorn Birthday Party Crafts

Think building your own unicorn milkshake with marshmallows and sprinkles, wafers, rainbow-colored sweets – here’s a glimpse into what an epic event this alone can be. Or making unicorn headbands. Little girls are immensely creative and will take great delight in making their own headbands that they can take home as a memento.

4) Unicorn Party Invite

Are you planning a magical Unicorn themed celebration? Look no further than Yombu’s Party Invite Shop for your Unicorn party invitations. With a wide selection of beautifully designed templates, you can find the perfect invitation to set the whimsical tone for your unicorn-themed gathering.

The best part? You can get these stunning Unicorn party invites for only $4.50 on the Yombu Party Invite Shop where you can customise them with your party details, ensuring a personalised touch for your little one’s special day.

5) Unicorn Birthday Party Games

Rainbow Rush Relay: Who doesn’t love a game that involves Skittles? Divide the kids into two teams. Allocate one cup, one straw and one bowl of skittles to each team then place the bowl and the cup at opposite ends of a table. Setting the kids up in a relay, each one takes a turn sucking a Skittle from the bowl and transferring it to the cup at the other end of the table. The first team to empty their bowl wins – and gets to eat their Skittles!

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn: a spin on the classic pin the tail on the donkey.

Magical Bean Guessing Game: another delicious game played with an all-kids favorite.. Sweeties. Line the children up and ask them to close their eyes. Place a jelly bean in each of their hands. They then have to eat it and guess the flavor. The one with the most correct guesses gets a bag of jelly beans to take home.

For more information on how to play these, as well as other awesome Unicorn Birthday Party Games, check out Queen of Theme Party Games.

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6) Unicorn Birthday Party Entertainment

In keeping with the creative theme, Yombu has some amazing entertainment services all throughout the US! Their balloon art, face-painting, and party games can be adapted to your unicorn theme with no trouble at all. Unicorn heads and tails and unicorn face-painting – one of their signatures as well! – can make the party enjoyable for all the guests. Even the adults may want a little glitter on their cheeks.

With Yombu on your side, knowing How To Throw A Unicorn Themed Birthday Party seems like a piece of cake now, doesn’t it? We’ve got loads more where that came from, so no matter your chosen theme, we’ll have plenty of ideas just for you.


What colors are appropriate for a Unicorn Birthday Party?

Pink, lilac, blue, pistachio, or buttercup are popular colors for a unicorn party because of their bright, happy shades – specially for little girls, who love soft, feminine colors.

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    1. Shanice Carr

      Another great idea is having an (ethical) unicorn/pony mascot that the children can take pictures with. This would create some unforgettable memories and the pictures will be a great party favor to give out to the guests 🙂 Do you have any recommendations for places to rent a pony in the SF area?