How to Plan a Whimsical Trolls Party

How to Plan a Whimsical Trolls Party by Yombu
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In light of the trilogy of “Trolls” films hitting the screens since 2016, fans of all ages have a new glimpse into the enchanting world of these sparkly, musical creatures. Let’s explore how to plan a whimsical Trolls party your little one will not soon forget, complete with vibrant decor, party treats, themed invitations, an extravagant cake, and a variety of merry games and activities

Magical Décor

It really doesn’t get any easier when it comes to decorating for a Trolls party! Simply picture glitter, rainbows, and lush forests for endless inspiration. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Rainbows and Clouds – Create a rainbow arch with colorful balloons. White balloons at each end of the arch can represent clouds. Or hang clusters of white balloons as clouds throughout your venue and attach colorful streamers to hang down from them.
  • Magical Forest – Transport your little one and their guests into their favorite musical creature’s home by creating a magical forest using vines, large leaves, and colorful paper flowers throughout. For extra sparkly magic, hang mirror balls or use a star projector.
  • Princess Poppy – Let happy little Poppy inspire your décor. Create Poppy’s bright pink hair using Tule, long ballrooms, or pool noodles, and tie each cluster with a blue ribbon.
  • Technicolor! – When in doubt, use the colors of the rainbow for inspiration. From napkins to utensils and tablecloths, you cannot go wrong with a variety of vibrant colors for your party decor.
Trolls Kids Birthday Party Decor Yombu
Trolls Party Decor Ideas
Trolls Kids Birthday Cake Ideas YombuTrolls Kids Birthday Cake Ideas Yombu
Troll Birthday Cakes
Trolls Dress Up

A Playful Menu

The right food and snack choices can contribute to your party’s overall colorful theme. Here are some of my favorite ideas.


  • Trolls Popcorn – Mix popcorn with tiny colorful marshmallows, fruit loops, or other colorful cereal. Melt pink, blue, purple, or green candy wafers separately and drizzle over popcorn mix for a whimsical snack.
  • Troll Hair – Pink or blue cotton candy as Troll’s hair will be a fun snack for all!
  • Colorful Fruit – Fruit cups topped with whipped cream or fruit skewers can be a colorful and healthy snack alternative.
  • Troll Cookies – Have cookies decorated as the various Trolls characters. If you’re looking to keep the kiddos occupied, have them decorate their cookies.
  • Candy – Colorful, swirly lollipops and jars or bowls of jellybeans can add to the magical aesthetic while satisfying your little guests’ sweet tooth.

Party Food

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches shaped like flowers, stars, or Troll’s hair can be a fun meal for little ones. Mac and Cheese and ‘Trolls in a Blanket’ are a couple of other easy meals that will go perfectly with the party theme.


Let’s face it, a party is not officially a party without a captivating cake. Continue with the Trolls theme by going with a rainbow-themed cake topped with your child’s favorite Trolls characters. An enchanted forest cake decorated with green vines and colorful flowers can also be great fun!

If a large cake is not for you, cupcakes topped with colorful frosting to represent Trolls’ hair can be a fun and easy alternative to cake.

Troll Kids Party Invites

Troll Invitations

Set a magical tone for your little one’s festivities with a colorful invitation. Whether it is covered by rainbows and flowers, sparkly, or your kiddo’s favorite character, the right invite will create excitement for the festivities to come.

Need some ideas? Let Yombu’s adorable Troll invite is easily downloadable and costs only $4.50.

Sparkly Fun & Games

Keep your little guests entertained with a wide variety of games and activities.

  • Troll Headbands – A crafting station with headbands, Tule in various colors, ribbons, flowers, and pom poms where kiddos can create unique Troll hair to wear during the party can be a big hit.
  • Create-a-Troll – Have a Play-Doh station where children can create little Troll characters to take home.
  • Bubble wands – Hand out bubble wands so your little guests can add to the whimsical atmosphere.
  • Dance Party – In true Troll form, have a dance party for all your little ‘Trolls’. Want to go the extra mile? Have a karaoke party! Be prepared with a fun playlist.
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My Final Thoughts on Planning a Whimsical Trolls Party

The adorable, technicolor, wrinkle-faced creatures’ popularity has seen a resurgence in recent years. It’s no surprise that your little one wants to be part of the Trolls’ magical universe. With our Troll Birthday Party guide, you can plan a whimsical Trolls party your kiddo will remember for years to come.

What is the origin of the Trolls?

The origin of Trolls traces back to a Danish woodcutter named Thomas Dam, who crafted the first plastic troll dolls in the late 1950s. These endearing figures sported fuzzy hair resembling cotton candy and mischievous smiles. Since then, Troll dolls have experienced several surges in popularity, the latest being the release of the “Trolls” movie trilogy, where the enchanting world of these sparkly, musical creatures gained renewed attention

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