How To Plan an Aladdin Themed Party

How To Plan an Aladdin Themed Party by Yombu
Last updated: May 5, 2023

If you’ve been wishing for an amazing party theme, then save the other two for the next big event, because we’re here to make all your dreams come true. Hop on for a magic carpet ride to a whole new world and we’ll show you How To Throw An Aladdin Themed Party:

1) Aladdin Party Decor

Her surname isn’t Dimond for nothing. Kristin Dimond, from Simi Valley, California, will make your Aladdin party a feast for the eyes. This pro party planner handles everything from kids parties to weddings. Check her out and let her handle all your décor needs! Alternatively, grab your own fabulous balloon décor from The Pop Shop. You can also get stunning furniture and table settings from MTB Event Rentals.

2) Aladdin Themed Party Bloom And Bounce

MV Florals can beautify your event space with colorful blooms in your preferred theme colors. If you want a truly elegant feel to your child’s party, then they are the one to choose. With a white bounce house from Modern Bounce House, it will be a truly dreamy look to remember.

Aladdin Party Yombu Aladdin Decor
Aladdin Decor
Aladdin Cake Aladdin Party Yombu
Aladdin Cake
Aladdin Party Princess for Hire Yombu
Invite Princess Jasmine

3) Invite Princess Jasmine

Yombu’s little black book of princesses holds one of the most famous royals of the Disney universe. Hire Princess Jasmine to your party and she will arrive donned in her wonderful Arabic outfit, with luscious hair and a gentle disposition, such as that from the animated character herself. Hire a Party Character with Yombu in any of the Cities below by clicking on one of the links:

Party Characters for Hire in Miami
Party Characters for Hire in Los Angeles
Party Characters for Hire in New York

Party Characters for Hire in Boston
Party Characters for Hire in Chicago
Party Characters for Hire in Atlanta

The children will love having Jasmine at the party, and it’s super easy to book – just check the availability of your date with your Yombu account and book online in only two minutes.

4) Aladdin Themed Party Cake

The best way to let guests know what your theme is, is to have it dollied up in your delicious cake. Jen Tee Bakes does elegant bespoke nibbles and cakes for your event. Some of our other favorite bakeries include:

ABC Cake Shop
Edda’s Cake Designs
Empire Cake

How To Plan an Aladdin Themed Party Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

Get all the

Bells & Whistles


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5) Aladdin Themed Party Food

Keep things simple – here’s a great list of light, fresh treats, and some decadence that can complement your amazing cake:

  • Grapes, blackberries, strawberries
  • White chocolate fountain
  • Rope cheese (string cheese flavored with caraway seeds)
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Yogurt dip
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Chips

Grab these other Aladdin-inspired food ideas if you want to get your fingers dirty:

With beautiful décor, and yummy cake and food, you’ll be able to show others How To Throw An Aladdin Themed Party. We hope it’s a magical experience. We’ll be here with more tips for your next one!


What do you do at an Aladdin party?

Why not have a braid station for the girls? Weave various colors into their hair, right on theme with the color scheme you choose. Tangled Braid Bar does a stellar job.

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