How To Plan An Alice In Wonderland Themed Party

How To Plan An Alice In Wonderland Themed Party by Yombu
Last updated: February 10, 2023

Combine Lewis Carroll’s original book of John Tenniel illustrations with the muted pastels of a Tim Burton film and you’ll know How To Throw An Alice in Wonderland Themed Party. Here are some great ideas for you:

1) Invitations

Yombu is your perfect party planning partner! Have you created your Yombu account yet? This allows you to send them your information to create the perfect themed digital invitation for your guests. They will return your invitation within 24 hours of submitting your information and allow up to 3 revisions at no charge.

2) Give Guests An Ornate Key

A beautiful party favor is the ornate key Alice finds when she falls down the rabbit hole that takes her to Wonderland. Pick up some ornate keys and attach a small tag with all the party details on.You could have these personalized Alice in Wonderland tag-style invitations printed then tie them onto the keys yourself. Or tie your own keys onto these cute tea party themed tags. Be sure to pick up some sur-really awesome Alice in Wonderland themed décor while you’re at it.

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3) Party Drinks

It’s a Mad Hatter’s tea party and you can have any wild and wonderful drinks you’d like! A great option is to serve some of the drinks in little glass potion bottles with ‘Drink Me’ labels on. Pick up a pack of 12 assorted glass bottles and fill them using this recipe for Blue Bubblegum Soda. The blue color is perfect to look like a potion and bubblegum soda is suitably surreal to fit in with the Wonderland theme. Other drinks to try include Pink Lemonade and peach and raspberry iced tea.

4) Wonderful Food

High tea for the win! Serve your tea with with dainty sandwiches cut into small bite-sized triangles (you should be able to get eight triangles from each sandwich) with the crusts cut off. Customary fillings are cucumber – you could add cream cheese to make them more appealing to kids – egg and cress (swap for egg mayo if you prefer), ham, or smoked salmon. These are accompanied by a selection of tiny cakes or little sconeswith Devonshire (clotted) cream and jam, then everything is presented on a tiered cake stand. You can use these cute tea cup molds to bake and serve your cupcakes in. Perfect for a Mad Hatter’s tea party.

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5) Alice in Wonderland Themed Cake

Rose Bakes catered to an adorable ONE-derland birthday and will show you how to create your own Alice in Wonderland cake for your special occasion. If you want to have it done, these pictures can serve as inspo for your local neighborhood baker. We love Sweet E’s. Filled with a sponge and icing of your choosing and it’s delicious!

And that’s How You Throw An Alice in Wonderland Themed Party! Only go down the rabbit hole for oodles of fun – not party planning stress! Not with a partner like Yombu. We hope it’s a smasher.


What do you do at an Alice in Wonderland party?
  1. Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat. …
  2. Paint Teapots or Teacups. …
  3. Play Croquet. …
  4. White Rabbit ‘I’m late’ Sack Race. …
  5. Make the Cheshire Cat Smile. …
  6. Mad Hatter’s Hat Toss. …
  7. Queen of Hearts Says. …

For more, check out Party Delights. And let Yombu’s pro party games coordinators lead the way.

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    1. I love the idea to write “Drink Me” on the bottles and to ads lillte cplour to make it more attractive to kids. As a parent i want nothing more than to have you guys plan everything for a perfect celebration. As i read through i understood the length you go to make sure the quality of service is great.

    2. I’m in the process of planning an Alice in Wonderland themed party for my niece and these recommendations are so helpful! Since Alice in Wonderland isn’t necessarily as popular with children as it once was, it’s been difficult to find good inspo so I’m so glad I stumbled upon your post. The games suggest are so unique and on theme, I’m super excited to see how the party comes to life!