How to Plan an Enchanting Cinderella Party

How to Plan an Enchanting Cinderella Party by Yombu
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Bibidi Bobbidi Boo! It’s birthday planning time and your little one’s requested a Cinderella birthday party.

But where to begin? Don’t despair, we are here to help you make your kiddos’s wishes come true. With our easy-to-follow Decor ideas, Invitations, Party Games and Food inspo.. You’ll learn how to plan the enchanting Cinderella birthday party of your little one’s dreams faster than you can wave a magic wand.

Magical Décor

First thing first, choose your décor to create a dreamy, fairytale atmosphere.

  • Balloons – Choose a combination of light blue, pink, white, gold, or silver to float around your venue, or create a balloon arch as a focal point for the gift, cake, or snack tables.
  • Tulle – Use light blue tulle to drape from tables and doorways, or trees – if having an outdoor party to create a unique and dreamy feel.
  • Paper Pom Poms – Want to go for an eco-friendly option instead of balloons? Hanging light blue, pink, or white paper flowers or pom poms throughout your site can be a good option.
  • Pumpkins – Golden or silver pumpkins can be excellent decorations to keep with the Cinderella theme. Pumpkin serving bowls and trays can also be a nice touch.
  • Fairytale Backdrop – A storybook or castle backdrop can elevate your party and serve as a photo booth or as a way to feature the cake.
  • Twinkle Lights – Don’t forget the magical feel twinkle lights can add to a princess party. Hang them all around your party site and have fun with them.

Food Fit for a Princess

Besides the birthday kiddo, the cake is the most important component of any birthday party. Let’s take a look at some whimsical cake ideas for an enchanting Cinderella party.

  • An open or closed storybook cake.
  • A blue, white, or pink cake with a glass slipper, pumpkin carriage, cake, or a tiara.
  • A pink cake decorated with white frosting, pink flowers, and bluebirds, reminiscent of the dress Cinderella makes for herself.
  • A sewing-themed Cinderella cake with spools of thread and button decorations.

If a large cake is not your thing, you can opt for cake pops that look like magical pumpkins or are frosted in the party’s color scheme, such as pink, white, or light blue. Cupcakes frosted and arranged to look like Cinderella’s beautiful dress or a pumpkin can also be fun.

Food and snack options for your guests to enjoy throughout the festivities can also include:

  • Pretzel sticks covered in blue, pink, or white chocolate and covered in sprinkles to look like magic wands.
  • Peeled little oranges with celery stick stems to look like pumpkins.
  • Cheese and fruit platters for little ‘mice.’
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches shaped into stars.
  • Cookies decorated as pumpkins, mice, birds, tiaras, buttons, or princess dresses.
  • Ham and cheese wraps or mini doughnuts can be ‘carriage wheels.’
  • For drinks, a blue-hued punch or juice can be great to keep with your party’s theme.
Cinderella Kids Party Cookies by Yombu
Cinderella Party Cookies
Cinderella Birthday Cake Ideas by Yombu
Cinderella Birthday Cake
Cinderella Kids Party Decor

Fairy-tale Invitations

A thoughtful invitation can set the mood for your guests and give them insight into the festivities to come.

Invite your guests to a Royal Ball or a Royal Celebration with a whimsical, formal-looking invitation to set the tone. Or fashion it as a storybook or a page ripped right out of a fairytale book.

No time? Don’t worry, Yombu can also help you design the perfect customised party invitation for your special celebration.

Dreamlike Games and Activities

Having planned activities and games is always a good idea to keep kiddos entertained. Take a look at these fun ideas.

Set up a crafting station where your little guests can decorate tiaras, magic wands, or shields to play with during the party. Or create a Cinderella-themed cookie decorating station. Have a princess dress, tiara, pumpkin carriage, mouse, button, or magic wand cookies for them to decorate.

Hand out bubble wands for the little ones to play with as fairy godmother wands.

Give a small broom to each youngster to play ‘Sweep the Pumpkins.’ Have them race to see who can sweep their pumpkin to the finish line first. And who can go wrong with a princess dance party? Play some fun tunes and let all the little ones burn off some energy.

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Final Thoughts – Charm Your Way to an Enchanting Cinderella Party

With a little planning, you can be on your way to a magical Cinderella party your little one, and their friends, will never forget.

And be sure to savor every delightful moment of the celebration with your little one!

Who wrote the Cinderella story?

Although Cinderella was made famous by Walt Disney, the story has older roots. Charles Perrault, from France, in 1967 wrote the first known story of Cinderella. Originally titled “Histoires ou contes du temps passe”. This French version of the popular fairytale includes the pumpkin, fairy godmother, and the glass slipper and is what Disney most likely based their popular animation on.

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