How To Plan an Ugly Christmas Sweater Birthday Party

How To Plan an Ugly Christmas Sweater Birthday Party by Yombu
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If your birthday takes place in winter, why not go for a Christmas themed birthday? If folk throw Christmas in July parties, then there’s nothing stopping you from dragging the Christmas theme into any other month next to December. If your birthday is close to the holidays, however, you’d better get in there fast with the date, which leads us to our first point in How To Throw An Ugly Christmas Sweater Birthday Party:

1) Pick A Date – Soon

Besides needing enough time to plan your party amid all the holiday craziness, you’ll want to make sure your guests are free for it as well. You can’t have a party with no guests. A month’s notice is great for the time of year when it gets hectic, but this could be fine for any other date you choose. Get festive invitations with ugly sweaters and Christmas balls from Yombu– your online digital invitation partner.

2) Find A Unique Venue

Solvang in California is a small city with Danish charm, and host to many possible venues for your Christmas party. The Whispering Rose Ranch in is a whimsical, cozy farm, with a beautiful stone lodge and outdoor event area, with trees and ambient lighting. If you want to kick your party up a notch, consider contacting them for venue hire. There is ample space for the kids to run around. A quirky alternative is Theaterfest, with an outdoor and indoor theatre area and garden. Yombu is a great resource for various types of party venues.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Yombu
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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Yombu
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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Yombu

3) Decorations And Comfort Food

It can be as comical and light-hearted as you want or traditional. Bright reds and greens are classic, with lots of large Christmas characters and ugly sweater cut-outs. You could opt for a Danish vibe hygge party, with tea lights, or fairy lights – soft lighting is essential for hygge. If you’re unsure of what hygge is, think cozy, warm and intimate – the traits that characterize Denmark as the world’s happiest country. Yummy comfort food like hearty soup and mac and cheese, with a sweet Danish berry pudding could be great options for a menu. Create your own DIY decorations like this DIY Sweater Tree. Or check out Target, Hobby Lobby, The Dollar Store, or any other store in your area for budget friendly decorations.

4) Games

Play some Christmas inspired Minute-To-Win-It games like Deer Nose Dive and Face The Cookie:

  • For Deer Nose Dive, contestants must put a dab of Vaseline on their nose and a string in their mouth with a red pom pom attached. They need to swing the string up to land the pom pom on their nose and stick. They may not use their hands.
  • Face The Cookie – this one is simple. Place a cookie on your forehead and maneuver it into your mouth with your facial muscles. No hands. Well, the instructions are simple at least.
  • Christmas Tree Stack – stack paper cups into a pyramid shape within one minute, or less.
  • Wreath toss – hang a wreath somewhere – not against a wall – and toss marshmallows through into a bucket. The most marshmallows tossed in a minute wins.

Get more inspo here at Your Homebased Mom – games can be adapted for kids.

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5) Have Prizes

Don’t forget about the Ugly Sweater awards. It wouldn’t be a proper ugly Christmas sweater party without handing out awards for the best, the worst and the loudest ugly sweaters. This is a great incentive for your guests to dress the part. Make sure you include the contest details in your invite.

We hope this guide has been helpful in helping you plan the perfect birthday party! If there’s anything you think we could have added in How To Plan An Ugly Christmas Sweater Birthday Party, please let us know in the comments below.


What do you serve at an ugly Christmas sweater party?

Go comfort and retro with shrimp cocktail, Swedish meatballs, Jello mold shots, pretzels in a bucket, or Christmas tree shaped cheeseballs.

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