How To Throw A Rainbow Themed Party For Kids

How To Throw A Rainbow Themed Party For Kids by Yombu
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Is there anything more magical and delightful than a rainbow? Its vibrant colors and promise of adventure make it one of the most popular themes for a kids’ party. If you’re ready to plan a celebration that will leave your little ones and their friends beaming with joy, read on for some tips on how to create the ultimate rainbow-themed party. This theme can be well incorporated into an Arty themed party or a Unicorn themed party.

Rainbow Decorations

Transform your party space into a rainbow wonderland with decorations in all the colors of the rainbow. Hang colorful streamers, balloons, and banners to create a vibrant atmosphere. You can even make rainbow-colored tablecloths and centerpieces for the dining area. For an extra touch of whimsy, set up a rainbow balloon arch as a focal point for photos and games. You can either buy one or make your own using an assortment of colorful balloons. You actually can’t go wrong with this one – just add as much color as possible!

How To Throw A Rainbow Themed Party For Kids Yombu rainbow themed decor
Rainbow Decor
How To Throw A Rainbow Themed Party For Kids Yombu rainbow cake
Rainbow Cake
How To Throw A Rainbow Themed Party For Kids Yombu rainbow pinata
Rainbow Pinata

Rainbow Chic

Encourage your little guests to dress in rainbow-themed outfits. This can be anything from rainbow-colored shirts and dresses to accessories like rainbow tutus, hats, and socks. Don’t forget to have a camera ready to capture all the adorable and colorful ensembles!

Rainbow Party Invitations

Get the excitement started by sending out invitations that reflect the rainbow theme. You can opt for pre-made rainbow-themed invitations or get creative by making your own. Consider using rainbow-colored paper, glitter, and stickers to craft invitations that will give guests a taste of the colorful fun to come.

You can also download Yombu’s Rainbow themed digital invitation which is easy to customise – just fill in all your party details and download it for only $4.50. It is the easiest way to get your digital party invite sorted.

Rainbow Food

We’ve all heard folks be like ‘eat the rainbow’. We know they probably didn’t mean sweets, but for this occasion we have tons of delicious sweet treats. And it’s easy to make it colorful!

  • Rainbow Fruit Skewers: Create skewers with a mix of colorful fruits like strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and blueberries.
  • Rainbow Cupcakes: Bake cupcakes with rainbow-colored frosting or edible rainbow toppers.
  • Rainbow Jello Cups: Make rainbow-colored layers of Jello in clear cups for a visually stunning treat.
  • Rainbow Popcorn: Mix popcorn with rainbow-colored candy melts for a sweet and salty snack.
  • Rainbow Punch: Serve a refreshing rainbow punch made with different fruit juices and lemon-lime soda.

No party is complete without a stunning cake. Go all out with a rainbow-layered cake that will amaze your guests when you cut into it. If you’re not a baking pro, many bakeries specialize in creating these colorful delights.

How To Throw A Rainbow Themed Party For Kids Yombu Events
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Party Favours and Thank You’s

Send your little guests home with a piece of the rainbow by giving out rainbow-themed party favors. Consider items like rainbow-colored stickers, crayons, pencils, or even mini rainbow-themed craft kits – you can even gift them with it at the beginning of the party and let them make rainbow-themed art as an activity, or decorate their own kite in an array of colors. A rainbow piñata filled with candy is always a must.

The key to a successful rainbow-themed party for kids is to infuse every aspect with color and creativity – and with our tips on How to Throw a Rainbow Themed Party for Kids, it won’t be difficult! Sprinkle a little imagination, and boom! So, get ready to chase some rainbows.


How are rainbows formed?

It’s an amazing process called refraction! All very scientify – read more from some very smart people here.

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    1. Nikki

      Rainbow invitations are always fun, and rainbow outfits would make that sort of party so amazing! The pictures give some great ideas on ways to incorporate color in a classic way. Jello and fruit skewers would be a great visual on the food table. And you even threw some science knowledge in!