How to Throw an Epic Stranger Things Themed Kids Party

How to Throw an Epic Stranger Things Themed Kids Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Being a Stranger Things enthusiast, I’d venture to say that it’s content that most 12-year-olds have likely encountered or can manage. However, it does hinge on the maturity level of the individual pre-teen and their capacity for handling certain elements. If they tend to be easily frightened, this show might not be the best fit for them. However, if you dig a little strange, here’s How to Throw an Epic Stranger Things Themed Kids Party, spoiler alert it was one of the most popular themes of 2023.

Set The Mood

Transform your party space into Hawkins, Indiana, by using decorations that capture the show’s aesthetic. Here are some ideas:

  1. Christmas Lights: Hang strands of Christmas lights on the walls, just like Joyce used to communicate with Will in the Upside Down.
  2. Demogorgon: Create a cardboard cutout of the Demogorgon to surprise and delight the kids.
  3. Hawkins Middle School: Grab a banner that says “Hawkins Middle School” to make it feel like they’re attending school with Eleven and her friends.
  4. Eggo Waffles: Display Eggo waffles, Eleven’s favorite snack, on a table as a delicious treat.
  5. Movie Posters: Hang movie posters from the ’80s like E.T., The Goonies, or Ghostbusters to add to the nostalgia.

Strange Party Invitations

Start by sending out invitations that set the tone for your Stranger Things adventure. Design invitations that mimic the iconic red text against a black background reminiscent of the show’s title sequence. Use phrases like “Join us in the Upside Down” or “Stranger Things are happening at [Your Child’s Name]’s Party!” Encourage guests to dress as their favorite characters or in ’80s fashion.

Dress Up

Encourage the kids to dress up as their favorite Stranger Things characters. You can provide costume accessories like wigs, nosebleed makeup (for Eleven), or even a pink dress and a box of Eggos for an easy Eleven costume. Offer prizes for the best costume and let the kids show off their creativity.

Set The Mood
How to Throw an Epic Stranger Things Themed Kids Party Yombu eggo waffles
Eggo Waffles
How to Throw an Epic Stranger Things Themed Kids Party Yombu
Dungeons and Dragons

Stranger Things Food

That hopefully doesn’t taste like it! Here are some ideas:

  • Eggo Waffle Bar: Set up a waffle bar with various toppings like strawberries, whipped cream, and syrup, just like Eleven loves.
  • Demogorgon Dogs: Make hot dogs with a twist by adding some creativity to the presentation.
  • Hawkins Slushies: Create colorful slushies for the kids to enjoy, inspired by the neon ’80s aesthetic.
  • Upside Down Cake: Bake a cake that resembles the eerie world of the Upside Down with dark frosting and creepy edible decorations.
How to Throw an Epic Stranger Things Themed Kids Party Yombu Events
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Games and Activities

Keep the kids entertained with themed activities and games:

  1. Dungeons & Dragons: Set up a D&D table for a quick, beginner-friendly session inspired by the show.
  2. Eggos Relay Race: Organize a relay race where kids carry an Eggo waffle on a spoon without dropping it.
  3. Demogorgon Hunt: Hide Demogorgon cutouts around the party area and have the kids go on a hunt to find them.
  4. Stranger Things Trivia: Test the kids’ knowledge of the show with a fun trivia game.
  5. And, of course, you can watch an episode of Stranger Things! With hot chocolate!

Throwing a Stranger Things themed kids party can be a thrilling adventure for both you and your child. By following these steps, you’ll create a memorable experience that captures the essence of the show while celebrating your child’s special day. Get ready to embark on a journey to the Upside Down and have a blast with all your young adventurers!


What are Stranger Things drinks?

Besides the slushies mentioned above, try this Stranger Things cocktail that is both spooky and delicious. Just leave out the alcohol to make it kid-friendly.

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