Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Lego Birthday Party Ideas by Yombu
Last updated: February 22, 2023

With a household of 3 boys, Lego remains a firm favorite for all three of them!  In researching ideas for my next son’s birthday party I came across some great ideas.  Here are a pick of my favourite Lego themed party ideas!

Lego Decorations

Download the lego font and create your own birthday message.

Lego Birthday Invites Party Ideas by Yombu
Lego Birthday Invites
Lego Birthday Party Ideas by Yombu
Lego Birthday Party Bunting
Lego Party Gift Bags

Lego Party Bags

Using standard yellow paper bags, you can re-create the lego mini figure face, simply, but effectively and at a fraction of the cost of Lego branded party bags!

Or to recreate the classic Lego brick design, you can also use coloured paper party bags with handles and add the circle design, either using a craft cutter, stickers or by freehand.

Use the Lego font to design a name tag for your party bags.

Lego Party Invitations

You can download a Lego party invited template for free at: Make your own invitations.

Lego Party Bag Fillers

I love this idea, if you can get hold of Lego Minifigure moulds. These are crayons, but you can make soap or edible chocolate figures!

Lego Marshmallows look really effective, and are so simple to make. Stick half a small marshmallow on a large marshmallow, dip in yellow icing and draw face on with black writing icing!

Lego Cookies Idea by Yombu
Lego Cookies
Lego Themed Birthday Cake by Yombu
Lego Themed Birthday Cake
Lego Cupcakes Party Ideas by Yombu
Lego Cupcakes

Lego Birthday Cake

There are plenty of amazing Lego Birthday cakes ideas out there with Pinterest being a hotspot for finding great cake ideas. Some of our favourites include the Lego Ninja Cakes and a Lego Brick Cake both of which make perfect additions to your Lego party.

Lego Party Food

Every Kids Birthday party needs party food to keep the little guests happy, and some that we highly recommend for your next Birthday bash are:
– Lego Cupcakes
– Lego Cookies
– Lego Marshmallows

Lego Birthday Party Ideas Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

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Lego Party Games

I love a piñata as the perfect game for a kids party. Instructions for anyone who wants to DIY make one can be found on Delia Creates

Another fun Lego party game is the classic take on pin the tail on the Donkey where you pin the head on a Lego man while blind folded.

Of course any Lego themed party isn’t complete without some good old fashioned Lego play. Supply the kids

Other Useful Lego Resources

Download free lego printables from here: Lego Party Colouring Page

Download the lego font: Lego Font


Does Lego do anything for kids parties?

They sure do, almost every Legoland has a dedicated party area and caters to Kids Parties. The official Lego website is also full of great party ideas and tips for a Lego themed bash. See more here.

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