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Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Just a round up of our Favourite lego Birthday Party Ideas to help you plan an epic Lego themed party…
Yombu Blog Lego Birthday Party Ideas

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Written by (Author):  Birthday Creations  |  Last updated:  November 23, 2023

As a parent of three energetic boys, I’ve come to realize that one thing never changes—their unwavering love for Lego. It’s a passion that unites them, sparking creativity and imagination in our household. Recently, while delving into the exciting realm of birthday party planning for my next son’s special day, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of fantastic Lego-themed party ideas. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you the cream of the crop, the absolute gems that caught my eye among the countless options.

So, whether you’re a Lego enthusiast like us or simply looking for an unforgettable party theme, join me on this adventure through some of my most cherished Lego party ideas!

Lego Birthday Party Decorations

When it comes to hosting an unforgettable Lego-themed party, the decorations are the building blocks of success. Let’s dive into some fantastic ideas that will transform your party space into a colorful Lego wonderland.

  1. Custom Lego Font Messages: Download the Lego font and get ready to add a personalized touch to your party. Craft a unique birthday message, welcome sign, or even name tags using this iconic typeface. It’s a fantastic way to set the tone for your Lego adventure.
  2. Lego Brick Banners: Create eye-catching banners using oversized Lego brick cutouts. These can be hung on walls or from the ceiling, adding a playful and vibrant atmosphere to the party venue.
  3. Lego Balloon Sculptures: Elevate your decoration game with Lego-themed balloon sculptures. Consider creating Lego brick-inspired balloon structures that serve as both decorations and fun photo backdrops.
  4. Table Centerpieces: Turn ordinary tables into Lego masterpieces. Place Lego baseplates in the center of each table and let kids build their mini Lego worlds during the party. These can double as fantastic party favors.
  5. Lego Minifigure Streamers: Craft colorful streamers with hanging Lego minifigure cutouts. These can be placed strategically around the venue to add a whimsical touch.

With these creative Lego party decoration ideas, you’re well on your way to hosting a celebration that will leave everyone, from little Lego enthusiasts to grown-up fans, utterly impressed.

Lego Birthday Invites Party Ideas by Yombu
Lego Birthday Invites
Lego Birthday Party Ideas by Yombu
Lego Birthday Party Bunting
Lego Party Gift Bags

Lego Party Pack Ideas

No Lego-themed party is complete without delightful party packs that leave a lasting impression on your young guests. Here are some ingenious and cost-effective ways to create memorable Lego-inspired party bags that will have kids excited from the moment they lay eyes on them.

  1. Lego Mini figure Faces: Take standard yellow paper bags and transform them into Lego mini-figure faces. It’s a simple yet effective DIY project that won’t break the bank. With just a few art supplies like markers, construction paper, and googly eyes, you can recreate those iconic expressions that Lego characters are known for.
  2. Classic Lego Brick Bags: For a timeless Lego look, opt for colored paper party bags with handles and add the classic brick design. You can achieve this by using a craft cutter for precision, utilizing Lego-themed stickers, or even trying your hand at freehand drawing. These bags not only serve as party favors but also as charming decorations.
  3. Personalized Name Tags: Don’t forget to personalize your party bags with the Lego font! Design unique name tags for each bag, making every child feel special. It’s a small detail that adds a touch of authenticity to your Lego-themed celebration.
  4. Lego Mini-Build Kits: Consider including mini Lego building kits in some of the party bags. These mini-builds can be small Lego sets or custom creations related to your party theme. They’ll keep kids entertained long after the party is over.

These fun Lego party pack ideas will keep the Lego spirit alive while also ensuring that your young guests go home with cherished mementos from an unforgettable Lego-themed adventure.

Lego Party Invitations

When it comes to inviting guests to your Lego-themed party, why settle for ordinary? Elevate the excitement with custom-designed invitations that set the stage for a one-of-a-kind celebration.

  1. Free Lego Party Invitation Templates: Access a treasure trove of free Lego party invitation templates available online using a website like Canva. These templates provide a fantastic starting point, allowing you to personalise your invitations to match the theme and style of your event. You can also download a Lego party invited template for free at: Make your own invitations.
  2. DIY Invitations: The Personal Touch: Dive into the world of DIY invitations and let your creativity shine. With a splash of colorful paper, a touch of glue, and a sprinkle of Lego-themed embellishments, you can craft invitations that are as unique as your party.
  3. Lego Mini-Figure Invites: Get inventive by crafting Lego mini-figure invitations. Use small Lego figurines to represent each guest, attaching a tag with the party details. It’s a memorable keepsake that doubles as a fun conversation starter.
  4. Lego Font Magic: Try to incorporate the iconic Lego font into your invitations for an authentic touch. This instantly recognizable typeface adds a playful element to your invites, setting the mood for the Lego-filled adventure that awaits.

Whether you opt for downloadable templates, unleash your inner DIY guru, or go digital with e-invitations, the key is to let your imagination run wild. With these Lego party invitation ideas, you’re guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your guests right from the start.

Lego Party Bag Fillers

I love this idea, if you can get hold of Lego Minifigure moulds. These are crayons, but you can make soap or edible chocolate figures!

Lego Marshmallows look really effective, and are so simple to make. Stick half a small marshmallow on a large marshmallow, dip in yellow icing and draw face on with black writing icing!

Lego Cookies Idea by Yombu
Lego Cookies
Lego Themed Birthday Cake by Yombu
Lego Themed Birthday Cake
Lego Cupcakes Party Ideas by Yombu
Lego Cupcakes

Lego Birthday Cake Ideas

No Lego-themed birthday party is truly complete without a show-stopping cake that captures the essence of these beloved building blocks. Get ready to embark on a delicious adventure with some of the most delightful Lego-inspired cake ideas that will leave your guests in awe.

  1. Pinterest: Your Cake Idea Wonderland: Dive into the world of Pinterest, a treasure trove of incredible Lego birthday cake ideas. Here, you’ll discover an array of creative and mouthwatering cake designs that range from the whimsical to the astonishing. It’s the perfect place to draw inspiration and bring your cake vision to life.
  2. Lego Ninja Cakes: Elevate your party with Lego Ninja-themed cake that is both visually striking and scrumptious. Crafted with intricate details and vibrant colours, Lego Ninja Cakes can add an exciting twist to your celebration, perfect for budding martial artists and Lego enthusiasts alike.
  3. Lego Brick Cakes: I love the timeless beauty of Lego bricks, a Lego Brick Cake is a must-have centerpiece. These cakes can be customized to resemble classic Lego bricks in various sizes and colors, making them the perfect addition to your Lego-themed bash.
  4. Custom Cake Creations: Consider collaborating with a skilled baker or cake artist to create a custom Lego-themed cake that matches your party’s unique vision. From towering Lego skyscrapers to intricate Lego mini-figures, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.
  5. Interactive Cake Decorating: Turn cake time into a creative activity by providing mini edible Lego bricks and colorful frosting. Let young partygoers decorate their own cupcakes or a larger cake, which helps to foster creativity and camaraderie.

Whether you opt for a Pinterest-inspired creation or work closely with a baker in your area to design a custom masterpiece, the cake will undoubtedly become the centre piece for your Lego-themed Birthday Bash.

Lego Themed Party Food

No kids’ birthday party is complete without a spread of delightful treats to satisfy young appetites but also tie in perfectly with your Lego theme. Here are some of my favourite Lego party food ideas:

  1. Lego Cupcakes: These delectable treats can be adorned with colourful Lego brick designs made from fondant or icing. They’re not only visually appealing but also a delicious way to pay homage to your favorite building blocks.
  2. Lego Cookies: Offer a batch of Lego Cookies that look just like the iconic bricks or the favourite Lego man head. Decorate sugar cookies with edible Lego-themed icing or fondant to capture the essence of Lego playfulness in every bite.
  3. Lego Marshmallows: Sweet and Squishy Delights: Transform ordinary marshmallows into playful Lego-themed creations. Dip them in vibrant colored chocolate and decorate with edible Lego details for a delightful twist on this classic treat.
  4. Lego Fruit Kabobs: Balance out the sugary treats with a healthy option. Create colorful fruit kabobs using a variety of fruits like strawberries, melon, and grapes. The vibrant fruit assortment mirrors the colorful Lego world.
  5. Mini Build-Your-Own Burgers: Let young partygoers unleash their culinary creativity by providing mini burger patties and a range of Lego-inspired toppings like square-shaped cheese slices and condiment “bricks.” It’s a fun and delicious DIY meal.

These delightful treats are bound to be a hit at your Lego-themed birthday bash, ensuring that everyone leaves with sweet memories of your epic celebration.

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Lego Party Games

When it comes to organising a Lego-themed birthday bash, I’ve got a trick or two up my sleeve to ensure the kids have a blast. Here are some Lego-inspired party games that I’ve personally tried out, to keep young guests entertained throughout the celebration.

  1. Lego Piñata Extravaganza: The thrill of a piñata is a must at any kids’ party, and I’ve taken it a step further with a Lego-themed piñata. Crafting one is a breeze with fantastic DIY instructions found on sites like Delia Creates. Fill it with Lego-themed candies and surprises for an extra dose of excitement.
  2. Pin the Head on the Lego Man: You’ll love the classic “pin the tail on the donkey” game with a Lego twist. Blindfolded participants take turns trying to pin the head on a life-sized Lego man poster. It’s a game of precision and laughter that adds a dash of Lego-themed fun to your party, and I can vouch for its success.
  3. Lego Building Challenge: For a splash of creative competition, I always organize a Lego building challenge. Providing participants with various Lego pieces and setting a timer, I challenge them to build the tallest tower, the quirkiest creature, or a replica of a famous landmark. Don’t forget to offer Lego-themed prizes for the winners – it never fails to amuse.
  4. Lego Scavenger Hunt: A Lego-themed scavenger hunt is one of my all-time favorites. Kids search for hidden Lego pieces or mini-figures throughout the party venue, following clues and riddles related to Lego sets or characters. It adds an extra layer of excitement and adventure to the festivities.
  5. Lego Relay Race: A Lego relay race is another of my go-to activities. Teams complete Lego challenges, such as building a tower or assembling a Lego set, before passing the baton to the next player. It’s a thrilling competition, and I make sure to have Lego-themed prizes for the winners.
  6. Lego Movie Screening: Lastly, I set up an area for a Lego movie screening, allowing kids to relax and enjoy a Lego-themed movie. It’s a great way to provide a moment of rest during the festivities while keeping the Lego spirit alive.

From the thrill of the piñata to the imaginative Lego building challenges, I can confidently say that your young guests are in for a memorable adventure that perfectly complements the Lego-themed atmosphere.

Other Useful Lego Resources

To enhance your Lego-themed party planning, we’ve gathered a couple of handy resources you might find invaluable:

  • Lego Party Colouring Page: Download free Lego-themed colouring pages for added entertainment and creativity during your celebration from here: Lego Party Colouring Page. Kids can enjoy coloring their favorite Lego characters and creations.
  • Lego Font: For a touch of authenticity, download the official Lego font to add a Lego-inspired twist to your invitations, decorations, and more. It can be found at this link: Lego Font.

With these Lego Birthday Party resources at your disposal, your Lego-themed party is sure to be a success. We hope these ideas and tools help you create a memorable celebration filled with fun, creativity, and the magic of Lego!


Does Lego do anything for kids parties?

They sure do, almost every Legoland has a dedicated party area and caters to Kids Parties. The official Lego website is also full of great party ideas and tips for a Lego themed bash. See more here.

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