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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

An Outer Space Party is a great theme for children of various ages and interests. Have a space party at home, nearby park, local planetarium, or even a video arcade. The theme can be “serious” with a focus on astronomy and space exploration or can be geared towards the science fiction fan with aliens and characters from popular science fiction books and movies (Star Trek, Star Wars). I’ll just leave that there – every time I get into the Star Trek-Star Wars debate with my kids, it never ends well!

Here are my tried and tested ways of throwing an awesome Outer Space Party:

Outer Space Invitations

One way I like to get the party started is to design invitations in the shape of a rocket ship or featuring photos of real astronauts or space ships from the NASA website. I also include drawings of the solar system or stars in the night sky or funny alien drawings with wiggle eyes, purple yarn hair, and other decorations.

Alternatively you can also grab our amazing digital invite for $4.50, input all of your party details and download in just a couple of clicks.

Outer Space Decor

For awesome DIY decor that’s out of this world . . . I use plastic rockets and astronauts, paper or foam planets, stars hung from the ceiling, or star charts. With these decorations, I create a universe of adventure for guests to explore. And my kids love it so much that they never want me to take it down!If you’re feeling crafty, as I sometimes do, then try my alien masks or create aliens out of pipe cleaners, pompoms, modeling clay, and wiggle eyes.

Outer space party UYombu
Out Space Birthday Party Invites
Outer space party Yombu
Outer Space Cake
Outer space party Yombu
Outer Space Party Favors

Outer Space Activities

Tying your kid to a rocket and launching them into space isn’t an option, I’m afraid (don’t act like you’ve never thought of it!). Anyway, to keep the party goings, I instead have guests figure out how much they would weigh on different planets – there’s a guide on the NASA website! – or play space trivia. I’ve also tried a space walk obstacle course and a treasure hunt. And for a fun party game, try pin the eye on the alien. I sometimes get the kids involved by getting them to make and decorate their own space ships out of large boxes. For a simpler craft, you can opt to decorate rocket bookmarks with pointed tops and red ribbons at the bottom.

Outer Space Food

Or rocket fuel, as I call it! I find that ice cream and pop rocks candy make a wonderful addition to the space-themed cake or cupcakes – think plastic aliens, astronauts, or space ships, and if you use your imagination the birthday candles can double as rocket flames.

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Outer Space Party Favors

I have loads of fun filling party bags with plastic aliens, astronauts, or space ships, stickers, glow-in-the-dark stars, and modeling clay. Why let the fun stop at the party? Space themed favors will give guests something special to remember your party by.


What are Space themed colors?

Dark blue – like midnight! – green, mauve and mint seem to work well. Check out this image on Canva to see why.

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