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Party Balloon Decorations for Your Kids Party by Yombu
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Party balloon decorations can make an excellent addition to any kids party. Balloons help to add colour to the background of a party, and can be arranged in both simple and more elaborate parties. An investment in balloons for a party also represents a particularly low cost way in which to make a big impact on a budget. This approach can be particularly effective if you’re hosting a party at home, and want to experiment with different designs and arrangements, while combining balloons with other decorations.

Balloon Decorations

Before beginning to think through some decoration ideas, it’s worth checking out the many different party supplies outlets online, which can provide discounted packages, and some additional tips for how to best use balloons as part of your decorations. You can also save yourself time by buying ready-inflated balloons from shops.

When deciding how to use balloons, you should first think about how they can contribute to an overall theme – balloons of the same colour as streamers and banners can work well here as a simple addition to the party. At the same time, you can make an instant impact through balloons by placing them around the front entrance of your house; doing so always allows you to let guests know which house is yours.

Unicorn Balloon Decor
Balloon Games for Kids by Yombu
Balloon Games
Colorful Balloon Decorations

In terms of more elaborate designs, you can make balloons more special by personalising them with children’s names and their birthday ages. You can also look out for favourite characters and themes. This can include anything from superheroes, to characters from television shows; other ideas might include animals or princesses.

Having these kinds of balloons in place can also allow you to experiment with presentations. Some ideas include placing a smaller balloon of a contrasting colour inside another one, and inflating them together. Several balloons of the same size can also be wrapped around a smaller balloon of a different colour to create amazing flower shapes.

Balloon Games

Decoration ideas can also extend to using left over balloons in party games. This might include playing volleyball with a balloon with a string at the end, or setting up an obstacle course where children have to try to get past balloons blindfolded. Hoops can also be set up to play basketball with balloons. Helium balloons tend to work best for this kind of approach, while it’s always useful to have plenty of supervisors on hand to make sure that loud bangs and exploding balloons don’t scare small children.

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Buying Balloons

When buying balloons, it’s also worth having some accessories that can help you to speed things up, or at least stop you from having to personally blow up every single balloon. Easy balloon weights can be made by using uninflated balloons partially filled with marbles or other weights to stop them from floating away.

You might also want to invest in balloon lights, which represent small LEDs that can be attached to the lining of a balloon, and can look great for nighttime parties. To speed things up, you can pick up a good air pump, or even a helium tank to inflate a lot of balloons in a short space of time.

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Are balloons harmful for the environment?

There has been much debate about the impact of balloons on the environment and although pieces of broken balloons can be dangerous for birds and animals to ingest. Balloons are made from latex which is a natural product and are biodegradable which can decompose in less than six weeks in nature. Making them safe

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