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Want to make your kid’s birthday party unforgettable? Then listen up! We’ve got the secret to taking your party game to the next level: Party Favors kids will love! These are not your ordinary party favors, folks. We’re talking about jaw-dropping, mind-blowing treats that will leave your guests over the moon with excitement.

What Are Party Favors?

Party favors are like little presents that kids get to take home with them as a reminder of the awesome time they had at the party – it’s like a little thank-you for coming. The best part? Kids go wild for party favors! They add an extra layer of excitement to the party and leave little ones feeling like VIPs.

Ideas for Party Favors

Your kid’s birthday party is around the corner, and you’re wondering how to make it extra special? Well, you’re just in luck because we have eleven ideas for party favors that will make it worth your buck!

Party Noise Maker

These nifty little gadgets are designed to produce all sorts of joyful and energetic sounds that are sure to get everyone in the party spirit. With so many fun and funky options to choose from, like classic horns, wacky whistles, and silly kazoos, you’ll have everyone jumping and jiving in no time.

Party favors kids will love Yombu
Party favors kids will love Yombu
Wooden bracelets
Party favors kids will love Yombu
Cotton candy

Temporary Tattoos

These awesome party favors are the perfect way to let kids showcase their creativity and individuality. Try to pick a design based on the party theme; these can be anything like superheroes, unicorns, or even an out-of-this-world space tattoo.

Slime Kit Party Favors

Your child and their friends will have an ooey gooey time by unleashing their inner scientist by creating unique and funky slime creations that they can take home and play with for days to come. Glitter, edible, metallic neon, and even glow-in-the-dark options are available; the slimy possibilities are endless to give out.

Photobooth pictures

Let the party memories last forever with these cherished mementos with these keepsake items by letting the little ones get creative by showing off their silly sides with some fun props and poses. Hire a photo booth rental in your area where they bring props to meet your party needs and have experience in making those snapping moments a hit!


Sunglasses party favors add a cool factor to your kid’s party and are a fun way to protect their eyes from the sun while looking fabulous! Some fun examples include neon shades, heart-shaped frames, superhero-themed glasses, glittery sunglasses, and even customized sunglasses with your child’s name on them.

Slap Bracelet

These colorful, flexible bands are designed to fit around your wrist, and with a quick snap, they wrap around your arm in a snap! You can purchase these fun arm accessories in a pack of 10 or 20 and add them to any fun party pack to go. There are so many fun slap bracelets to choose from, like Glow-in-the-dark, leopard print, fruit-scented, emoji, fluffy, and multicolor sequin slap bracelets.

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DIY Candy Trophies

Let’s make those party favors as sweet as the party’s going to be! DIY candy trophies are the perfect and affordable prize giving in addition to any end-of-the-party. An example of this is candy cup trophies start by creating a small trophy cup using a cupcake liner and stack different types of candy on top of each other to make the trophy. You can use gummy bears, candy bracelets, or any other candy that your kids love.

Goody Bag

Let’s leave the little guests with goody bags filled with treats, a party favor that can’t be beat! These goody bags can be personalized and filled with small treats and toys that are sure to delight kids of all ages. The options are endless with goody bags – you can give a themed goody bag like a superhero theme that could include mini action figures, comic books, masks, and superhero capes, or go simple with fun colored candy.

Wooden Craft Bracelets

Provide different colored wooden beads and let kids paint them with their favorite colors to create unique and colorful bracelets. For example, a wooden bracelet kit that includes various beads, charms, and strings will give kids the opportunity to design and make their own custom jewelry, leaving them feeling wowed and proud of their artistic creations.

Educational Book

An educational book party favor is a gift that promotes learning and development while still being enjoyable and engaging for kids. For example, a book about science experiments or a fun activity book with puzzles and brain teasers can provide entertainment while also fostering curiosity and problem-solving skills.

Cotton Candy Party Favor

This colorful spun sugary treat is fluffy and sweet, it is the perfect party favor to make your day complete. Leave a wowing sweet ending by setting up a cotton candy machine at the party and allow the guests to watch you spin these sweet treats and then place them into their very own personalized container or bag.

How to Have Party Favors

So, go ahead and sprinkle some extra magic on your child’s special day with these fun and unforgettable party favor ideas. Whether you’re looking for something educational, delicious, or just plain fun, Yombu’s list of party favors is sure to be the cherry on top of your party. Handing them out when guests leave also ensures that the party continues when they go home. Let us know which ones you’ll be picking for your next birthday bash.


Are party favors a must?

No, not necessarily. Though they seem to be a standard at parties these days and are a wonderful way for guests to remember the party, and to thank them for coming, but it’s really up to the host. It all depends on your budget – don’t put yourself in debt to impress the other parents, or even the kids.

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