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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Slumber Parties become cherished childhood memories. I know for my kids that it’s such a treat to have friends spend the night. We clear a room for guests to spread out their sleeping bags, or if we’re feeling adventurous and the weather pleasant, we have the children sleep in tents in the yard.

Make a slumber party extra special by having your child select a fun theme, such as outer space, movie night, or spa makeover. Here’s some inspo from what we usually do:

Slumber Party Invitations

Nothing says ‘come to my slumber party’ like an inviting, uh, invitation. I love making themed slumber party invitations including a night sky with moon and stars. I elevate the cuteness by adding a picture of my child in their favorite PJs. And I always make sure to include the necessary details, such as bringing a sleeping bag, PJs and a tooth brush. You don’t want 10 kids scrambling for a toothbrush in the morning!

Slumber Party Fun

My kids enjoy Twister and Charades, but you can throw in any game you like. We always keep loads of board games on hand, as well as kid-friendly movies that they can enjoy while munching on yummy food. For a creative twist, I’ve found that keeping old t-shirts makes for a wonderful fabric painting activity. How fun is it to give something a makeover? And when it’s time for lights out, be prepared for some jokes and riddles by torchlight – in our house, lights out doesn’t necessarily mean sleep time!

Slumber Party Invitations Yombu
Slumber Party Invites
Slumber Party Games Yombu
Slumber Party Games
Slumber Party Food Yombu
Yummy Slumber Party Food

Slumber Party Snacks

I love getting the kids involved in a bake off. Why spend time baking and cooking, when they actually have tons of fun doing it themselves? I line up ingredients for delicious chocolate chip cookies and jiffy popcorn. And in the morning, it’s time to make pancakes or donuts! As most parents probably find, you can’t go wrong with pizza or Chinese takeout for savory flavor before dessert. Coupled with some sparkling apple cider or ginger ale, it’s a win every time!

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Slumber Party Gifts

If tie-dye t-shirts aren’t you vibe, I also like to send the kids home with activity books, diaries or journals. Simpler party favors can include bubbles, mini flashlights and travel toothbrushes – hint hint for those who forgot! You can get these all on Amazon. They have really cute ones for kids.


What are some decor ideas for a Slumber party?

If you want to make your slumber party really fabulous, you can insert the help of a professional. We have some fav slumber party organizers that beautify your home in a jiffy – and there are loads all over the country, so be sure to find one near you:

1. Teepee in the City: These New York City slumber pros even offer party game ideas, pink popcorn recipes and an organizational checklist, so that you don’t miss a thing.
2. Slumber Dreams LLC: We’ve never seen anything like the amazing aesthetics Slumber Dreams LLC comes up with. They serve Northern California and nearby areas, but they are also willing to travel! Fees may apply.
3. Dream and Party: Simply amazing, is all we can say. Plus, they also offer picnics – think pretty unicorn pastels, pillows and linens, but for an adorable outdoor kids picnic!

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