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Sports World Birthday Party

Have active kids? Then a Sports World Party is the perfect way to celebrate their birthday! Let Yombu show you…
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Party Planning

Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole  |  Last updated:  November 14, 2023

I often spend time arranging my schedule around the many sports activities my children are involved in. Soccer, baseball, basketball – it keeps them fit, but can anyone identify with tempering your words towards a soccer mom screaming on the field? Or becoming that soccer mom? At least there’s an upside – if your child has a hard time deciding which sport is his favorite, combine several sports for a Sports World party and get some awesome fun out of it.

Sports Venues

Have the party in your yard, nearby park or local school sports stadium where you can play a variety of fun and active games. Country clubs are a wonderful upscale option – beautiful tennis courts! If you want something a bit more relaxed that you can also decorate, then your local sports club/pub with a more chilled vibe will also be a great option – loads of open field to run around!

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Sports Activities
Sports World Party Yombu
Sports Themed Cake
Sports World Party Yombu
Sports Themed Invitations

Sports Decorations

If said local sports club has spare sports gear lying around, this would make awesome decor! We use whatever we have lying around in our home bag of sporty tricks – balls, bats, nets, posters of famous athletes. My kid’s favorite soccer team t-shirt hangs proudly above the mantle when we have sports themed parties.

Sports Activities

This one is so simple. Especially if our parties are all boys, it’s so easy to let them decide which sport they want to play and let them have at it. My son is a hoop guy – he and his friends can spend hours challenging each other on 3-pointers. It’s the easiest and cheapest entertainment you’ll ever have. Other great ideas are relay races – passing balls – and batting contests. Switch it up with obstacle courses, or a sports quiz.

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Sports Food

This can literally be anything that gets them fueled! My son loves good ol’ corn chips and sandwiches. You can make yummy nachos, and serve veggies and dip on the side, with some fresh fruit. But let’s not forget the cake. My local bakery is a champ – pun intended – at sports themed cakes. Find a local birthday cakery near you and get your child’s favorite sport in sponge and icing.

Sports Invitations

Found everywhere invitation templates are sold. I love Canva. I also love Yombu’s amazing designers who can custom make a themed invitation in less than 24 hours. Let them produce a world-class invitation with your child’s mug shot – we mean portrait – of them in their favorite sports gear. You get 3 revisions for free!


How do you do a Sports World Themed party on a budget?

1. Find a cheaper venue – local sports club or even at home!
2. Bake your own cake
3. Send digital invitations – thanks Yombu!
4. Invite only your closest friends
5. Eat potluck style

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