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A Tea Party is great “grown-up” fun and a special way to celebrate a birthday. A Tea Party works for a wide range of ages and can be whimsical or fancy. 

A Tea Party can highlight a special toy or book, such as princesses, dolls, teddy bears, Ms. Spider or Alice in Wonderland.

Tea Party Invitations

Make invitations in the shape of a tea cup, decorated with a paper doily or with a real tea bag and a big tea label invitation attached

Tea Party Decorations

Decorate with paper doilies, pink and white streamers, silver foil balloons, dolls and stuffed animals and fresh flower bouquets

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Boho Tea Party
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Tea Party Invites
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Tea Party Decor

Themed Party Games

Play dress-up and musical chairs. Toss coins into tea cups. Have free play with dolls and stuffed animals

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Party Activities

Decorate paper or straw hats with flowers and ribbons. Make fragrant sachets. Set out beads and cord for jewelry making. Decorate a photo frame. Make and decorate sugar cookies for tea party.

Fun Foods

Serve finger sandwiches, cheese cubes, cookies, nuts and decaffeinated fruit flavored teas. Decorate cupcakes with paper cocktail umbrellas.

Party Favors

Fill favor bags with hair accessories, lip balm, blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk and stickers. Or send guests home with their own china tea cup and saucer from a thrift store.


What activities do you do at a Tea Party?

A Tea Birthday party can be a delightful and elegant way to celebrate your next Kids Birthday. Here are some activities you can do to make your party fun and engaging:

1. Tea tasting: Set up a tea tasting station where the kids can sample different types of tea, such as green tea, and herbal tea. Provide small cups and tea infusers, and encourage them to try different blends and flavors.
2. Dress-up: Encourage your little guests to dress up in fancy hats, dresses, or suits. You can provide a selection of hats, boas, and accessories for guests to choose from, or ask them to bring their own.
3. Tea party games: Play classic party games with a tea party twist, such as musical chairs with teacups or tea-themed trivia.
4. Tea party crafts: Set up a craft station where guests can make their own tea cups or tea bags. Provide plain white mugs or teacups and markers or paint, and let guests get creative.

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    1. Shanice Carr

      I imagine this is such a sought-after party theme after watching the Crown and Bridgerton on Netflix haha! Love the idea of having the children/guests test different teas, any recommendations for good caffeine-free loose-leaf teas?